Developing Your Sense of Smell with a Nebulizing Diffuser

Developing Your Sense Of Smell With A Nebulizing Diffuser

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It’s easy to take one’s sense of smell for granted. Most people may be reminded of the significance of their sense of smell during a cold or flu when they temporarily lose this function. But for people with smell disorders, which are somewhere between 2 to 5 million Americans, the absence of their sense of smell is a daily issue.

What Are Smell Disorders?

People who may have suffered from an accident or injury, sinus diseases, serious allergies, neurodegenerative diseases, or have undergone medical treatment may experience loss of smell. There are different smell disorders one can experience, such as the following:

  • Anosmia – Complete loss of the sense of smell
  • Dysosmia – Any type of defect in the sense of smell
  • Hyposmia – Diminished or partial loss of the sense of smell
  • Presbyosmia – A decrease in the sense of smell, often associated with aging

In some cases, the sense of smell can be recovered by training the olfactory system. There are professionals who help people recover their sense of smell, but you can also do this at home with the help of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy And The Sense Of Smell

Aromatherapy relies on the properties of essential oils from plant extracts to promote health and well-being. It uses the scent of essential oils to deliver their benefits. Essential oils work through inhalation via nebulizing diffusers, roller bottles, smelling salts, and, occasionally, topical application. They are known for their strong fragrance, but unlike fragrance oils, they offer various health benefits. Because of that, essential oils have been used by professionals for smell training.

By inhaling the strong aroma of essential oils, you can stimulate the olfactory nerve. Regular stimulation of the olfactory nerve encourages it to regenerate and hopefully regain its function.

Developing Your Sense Of Smell With A Nebulizing Diffuser

Developing Your Sense Of Smell With A Nebulizing Diffuser

Organic Aromas developed the technology that effectively disperses essential oils without the use of heat or water. Heat and water are no friends of essential oils. On the one hand, heat alters the composition of the essential oils and damages the bonds between the molecules. On the other hand, water dilutes the essential oils, diminishing their scent.

The Organic Aromas’ nebulizing diffuser does not use heat or water, instead, it relies on Bernoulli’s Principle which releases a pressurized stream of air from one micro-tube which creates a vacuum where essential oil is sucked up through the other micro-tube. When the pressurized stream of air comes in contact with the essential oil it is blasted into millions of micro-particles that are dispersed into your environment. The result is a strong fragrance that covers even a large area.

With its ability to diffuse strong fragrances, the nebulizing diffuser can be an effective tool for scent training. The scent of the essential oils is the most important factor when developing your sense of smell. When training your olfactory senses, you focus on the fragrance of essential oils. You concentrate on remembering or experiencing the smell and being aware of how it registers in your senses. Can you smell the fragrance? Is it a light scent? Is the smell distorted? Those are the things you consider while training your sense of smell.

Benefits Of Using A Nebulizing Diffuser To Develop Your Sense Of Smell

1 – Stronger Scent

The nebulizing diffuser was designed to disperse undiluted essential oils. It diffuses a strong fragrant that can last for hours. People who are training their olfactory sense will find this feature beneficial. You don’t have to hold the bottle close to your nose every day. Simply turn on the nebulizing diffuser and sit down to take in the strong aromas of the essential oils.

2 – Save On Essential Oils

The nebulizing diffuser will help you use less of your essential oils. Essential oils are highly volatile liquids, so they will evaporate when exposed to the air for a long period. Sniffing essential oils straight from the bottle for 20 to 30 minutes every day means your essential oils will evaporate at a faster rate. If you opt for a nebulizing diffuser, you only have to use up to 5 drops of essential oil for each session.

3 – Longer Training Time

Since you do not have to hold on to the bottle or worry about using up your essential oils too quickly, you can take your time with your smell training sessions. You could continue training your sense of smell even while doing other things at home or in your office. The aroma of the essential oil you use will spread to the area you’re in when you use the nebulizing diffuser, so you can keep moving and still develop your sense of smell.


If you have recently experienced loss or partial loss of your sense of smell, consult with your doctor and ask them about the benefits of using essential oils to develop your sense of smell. If approved, consider investing in a nebulizing diffuser by Organic Aromas to get all the benefits of essential oils.

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 Developing Your Sense Of Smell With A Nebulizing Diffuser

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