7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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In the world of essential oils, lavender is far and away one of the most popular across the globe. While lavender essential oil smells great, and works well to freshen the home in a nebulizing diffuser, it can do a whole lot more than simply create a sweet smelling room. From helping your home, to helping your body, lavender essential oil is one oil that should always have a place in your cabinet.

Therapeutic Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil presents a ton of great benefits to the body. The benefits of lavender essential oil are:

  1. Helps to Ease Insomnia

    Lavender essential oil relaxes the body and mind, and this can help to alleviate bouts of insomnia. Placing a few drops of lavender essential oil in a nebulizing diffuser, or putting a couple of drops on your pillowcase at night, can help you to shut your mind off and allow your body to drift off to sleep.

  2. Alleviates Anxiety and Stress

    Stress, anxiety, and all of the related symptoms that come along with these conditions can be helped with lavender essential oil. In the same way that the oil relaxes the mind to welcome sleep, it also relaxes the mind to ward off the effects of stress and anxiety. When inhaled, the oil has been shown to have a positive effect in relieving headaches, lowering the heart rate, and clearing brain fog caused by stress.

  3. Acne Treatment

    Whether in adolescence or adulthood, no one likes suffering from acne. Lavender essential oil can be a big help in the fight against acne, particularly for those who wish to carry out a more natural regimen or who have sensitive skin. Acne blemishes pop up on the skin when a bacterial infection occurs near the sebum gland, blocking sebum from being able to be released properly out of the pore. What lavender essential oil does is inhibits the growth of the bacteria that causes the infection, while helping to regulate sebum overproduction. The result is clear pores and proper oil secretion and production. Learn about other oils to help fight acne.

7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
  1. Scalp Treatment

    Lavender essential oil isn’t just for facial skin, it can also benefit the scalp as well. This oil has been shown to be very effective in the fight against lice, nits, and eggs, and could potentially aid in hair loss conditions as well. One Scottish study focusing on patients with alopecia found that 40% of participants reported an increase in hair growth when applying lavender essential oil to the scalp. Also, using hot tools on your hair can seriously damage it. People with thick or curly hair are especially at risk, as they have to use higher temperatures to achieve the wanted effect – which is why it’s important to both use the right tools for the job and use proper heat protection. However, it’s equally important to nourish it in other ways as well. One way to do that is via lavender oil, which deep conditions the hair, moisturizes it, and keeps it shiny. 

  2. Helps Digestion

    Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil may also aid in proper digestion by helping the mobility of food on its way through the intestine. Lavender essential oil may even help the body to better produce stomach acids and bile, which can help to alleviate gastrointestinal conditions.

  3. Calms Respiratory Problems

    Lavender essential oil can also help to calm respiratory problems, making it your best friend the next time you’re feeling under the weather. Whether diffused or applied to the skin of the neck, chest, or back, inhaling the lavender essential oil vapors can calm the respiratory system while also stimulating and loosening mucus and congestion. This ability to effectively eliminate mucus can give the body just what it needs to take control of and beat the virus in a faster and more comfortable fashion.

  4. Keeps Pests Away

    No matter your location, and no matter the time of year, unwanted pests can always find their way into and around your home. Relaxing outdoors in the summertime is a great idea, but one that can be ruined fast when bugs move in. Lavender is well known to repel insects like mosquitos, moths, midges, and other irritating pests, as the oil smells much better to us than it does them. Another bonus? If you do get bitten by a mosquito or another bug, lavender essential oil can be applied to the insect bite to sooth and comfort the area. 

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7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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  1. Lavender is my a favourite essential oil for its versatility. It has a relaxing effect on the body, and therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin.

  2. Just a few drops of Lavender essential oil put me to sleep instantly and even faster triggered my interest in essential oils therapeutic properties.

  3. I’m surprised by some of the jars for essential oils. I don’t know that much about them yet but I’m glad I found this site because I’m excited to learn more.

  4. I love the smell of lavender. It’s very relaxing and reminds me of Spring. I use it in a diffuser and have several room sprays. I enjoyed seeing the other uses/benefits. for lavender!

  5. Knew lavender helped with anxioty and with insomnia but I had no idea it’s other benefits! I really like its anti bug properties. I have to add this to my list of oils I want(need!).

  6. As a kid my Mom bought Lavender everything and so i thought i would never want anything Lavender. I dont think my Mom knew all the benefits but as i read more and more Ive learned many benefits from it. I have tereible anxiety and so im going to try tonight putting some on my pillow and start each day with a little. It would be a major blessing if this would work for me. Thank you

  7. Lavender is the main oil I use alone or mix with other oils. I use a lavender and tea tree mix in a spray bottle for quick wipes of floors and sinks and tub.

  8. Great article to rediscover Lavender! Thanks! It reminded me of growing up and having a small pillow made of dried Lavender to sleep with; it always worked. Now I look forward to my bedside diffuser filled with a few drops of Lavender.. Nothing make me have a deep sleep and great night’s sleep like Lavender!

  9. Great info! Did not know the many uses of Lavendar oil, especially for breathing issues.
    Me and my mom love using the essential oils in our diffusers.

  10. I’ve used lavender oil with my daughter since she was a baby. A drop on a cushion in the room helped her to sleep and it’s still her go-to remedy 25 years later.

  11. Lavender is an essential essential oil. I always keep it in my medical kit bag. It really helped last weekend when I got a bit too much sun. A few drops in carrier oil soothes my skin and helped it repair quickly.

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