Christmas Eve Essential Oils Blend

Christmas Eve Essential Oils Blend

As we approach Christmas Eve, are you looking forward to spending time connecting with your family? There is nothing more enjoyable on Christmas Eve than sitting in the comfort of your home enjoying the company of one another. This year, you should consider taking your families Christmas Eve to the next level with essential oil blends.

Essential oil blends tend to combine the best of various individual oils. This will fill your home with incredibly pleasant scents on Christmas. Below, we’ll give you a brief breakdown of why you should use essential oils on Christmas Eve. We’ll then give you the ingredients needed to make an essential oil blend that your family will be sure to enjoy this holiday season.

Why Use Essential Oils During The Holidays?

If you have never used essential oils during the holidays, there is no better time to try. The holidays are a time for relaxation, reflection, and health, which essential oils may help to stimulate. When using an aromatherapy diffuser with these oils, you’ll boost the air that you breathe. Those who use essential oils find that they have a happier, more relaxed holiday. 

Additionally, essential oils provide incredible aromas in your home. You can experiment with different blends to come up with the festive scent that you like best. Many holiday essential oil blends utilize fruits, peppermint, and trees such as cypress or pine. If you are interested in creating a festive mix for this Christmas Eve, check out the recipe we’ve provided in the section below.

Essential Oil Blends For Christmas Eve

If you’re looking to create a festive, comforting essential oil blend for your family on Christmas Eve, you’ve come to the right place. This mixture will work best with an aromatherapy diffuser. Place a diffuser in the living room, kitchen, or anywhere else where your family will spend time on Christmas Eve. The oils you need for this blend include:

Making this blend is simple. All you need to do is place three drops of Sweet Orange, two drops of Peppermint, and three drops of the Pacific Northwest Blend into an aromatherapy diffuser. You’ll receive an instant dose of holiday freshness in your home on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Essential Oils Blend


The Sweet Orange essential oil has a light, fresh scent. We believe that is a necessary choice whenever people are gathering in a room. Not only does it smell excellent, but it also provides numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Many users report that the citrus oil is beneficial for their skin health, especially in the winter months when skin tends to dry. This oil also helps alleviate depression, providing a morale boost during the holidays.

Our Peppermint essential oil is also an excellent choice as a room freshener. Many of our customers find that it helps them relax, as it relieves stress and sharpens the mind. Peppermint also stimulates the digestive system, which could be helpful when eating sweets on Christmas Eve. Lastly, Peppermint promotes overall health and carries antifungal and antibacterial properties, which could help ward off sickness that commonly plagues the holiday season.

Our Pacific Northwest blend is also vital to this holiday blend. The mixture contains various essential oils, including Pine, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Cypress, and Pine. We find that this blend has an incredible balancing effect, which will provide a sense of calm and peace to your Christmas Eve gathering. The combination also has powerful antioxidants, which can also work to boost your health.

Do You Use Essential Oils During The Holidays?

If you use essential oils during the holidays, be sure to let us know in the comment section below! Do you use one of our essential oil blends, or do you create your own special blend like the one we provided above? If you use one of our blends, let us know which one is your favorite! And if you create your own, we invite you to share the recipe with the other readers on our site. We hope that all our readers will find festive ways to freshen their homes this Christmas Eve. 

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Christmas Eve Essential Oils Blend

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  1. I love the holidays but many artificial room deodorizers and scented sprays have me gasping for air. I find I can use essential oils and adjust the amount I use. Thank you for all the help full information

  2. I keep burning incense around my home but would love to have a diffuser with so many different scented oils to replace burning the incense. Thank you for this WONDERFULLY AMAZING opportunity to enter. Thank you for the contest. Good Luck to ALL that enter. God Bless & Merry Christmas.

  3. I SO Love this!!! I used to use perfumes, mainly for MY AROMATHERAPY😊🤗. But now I essential oils are FANTASTIC!! AND NATURAL!!!! I Use Frankincense, and Myrrh more around this time. Thanks for the Wonderful Chance!! 🦋

  4. I’m not sure all of these really are Christmas smells. When I think of Christmas I think of apple pie, candy canes and pine trees. I guess that’s just me though. Merry christmas y’all.

  5. Thanks for this tip! I have two of the three oils mentioned, so I will be eager to order the Sweet Orange oil. I always get such wonderful compliments on the aromas throughout my home during this season — thanks to your products!

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