Create Your Own Home Spa Experience

Create Your Own Home Spa Experience

Sometimes planning a relaxing trip to the spa is just what you need to recharge, regroup, and reenergize after a long day or week of work and jumping hurdles life has to offer you.

However, sometimes the thought of relaxing in a luxury spa is just that- a thought. Having a memorable spa experience can become quite costly. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for alternative ways you can pamper yourself and have all that by creating your own home spa experience.

The following are just a few ways you can accomplish this in your home without breaking the bank:

Eliminate all Distractions

First and foremost, you will want to eliminate any and all distractions that may disrupt your spa experience at home. This means letting people in the household know in advance what you are planning to do so they know to steer clear and leave you be.

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  1. Mmm, wonderful suggestions! One thing I would add is some incredibly soft and fluffy slippers for once you get out of the bath. It almost makes it feel as though you’re floating!

  2. I have found that a soak in the tub with essential oils, epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt was the only thing that would relieve my sciatica pain for a while!

  3. Hi there
    I’ve just discovered your diffusers/nebulisers today and I’m looking forward to trying one as soon as possible. I really like the fact that they are made without plastic components. It’s a shame I didn’t know about you before I bought my first diffuser, which was marketed as ’’glass’’ but has an inner lid made of plastic ( it’s essential to its function, so I can’t discard it) . It’s nice to see truly plastic free and well-made products on the market 🙂

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