Natural Household Cleaner Easy Cheap Industrial Strength

Easy, Cheap “Industrial Strength” Natural Household Cleaner

One of the most basic human desires is for a clean place to live, sleep and eat. This fundamental need is something that can really drive our behavior. Yet surprisingly, what we each think or perceive of as clean still varies widely among many different people!

Stop Using Toxic Chemicals

The interesting part is that in our quest for a clean, fragrant home we regularly use noxious chemicals! The kind that could physically harm us. These chemicals only seem to work to mentally assure us that our environment is indeed really clean. In fact, in reality they don’t do a better job than natural cleaners!

We have a solution! Let us teach you an ultra-quick, cheap and easy way to make “industrial”-strength household cleaner for every need using natural ingredients.

Natural Household Cleaner Recipe

All you need are the following basic household items and you can get a complete, natural clean that is as good, if not better, than your store-bought chemical cleaner not to mention much cheaper.


  • Baking Soda – is an effective deodorizer. It’s also an effective antiviral agent and surfactant that eliminates grease and grime. It has disinfectant properties and can be used as a fungicide.
  • Vinegar – the natural acidity in simple white vinegar makes it a great antibacterial and is a kind of solvent that is great to eliminate grease and scum.
  • Water – best is distilled or boiled water. Water without minerals is best. You do not know all the things that are dissolved and in your water supply (chlorine, fluoride, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium among a very few)!!!
  • Essential Oil – of course we are conditioned to think “Lemony fresh” when we imagine clean, so adding any citrus essential oils is perfect. Furthermore, please feel free to add tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender and lemon essential oils as well, which are well known to kill germs and bacteria easily and completely.   


  1. Take 2 liters (two quarts) of water and put it in a bucket.
  2. Next put 2 tablespoons of Baking soda in the water
  3. Put two table spoons of vinegar into the mixture
  4. To maintain a 0.5-1% ratio of essential oil you will need about 5-10ml of essential oil total. This is going to make this cleaner extremely powerful!
  5. Mix it all together. This will be enough to clean your entire kitchen floor and the bathroom as well.

Natural Household Clearner Recipe

Additional Tip: Natural Household Cleaning Spray Bottles

Before you start cleaning the floor, fill two 500ml spray bottles to use on counter tops and other hard to reach places. Spray the stove and other appliances and wipe the grease away. This all-purpose cleaner is highly effective and can be used for months if kept out of the sunlight.If you follow these steps to make this cleaner we are confident that you will not to use anything else! What’s more, you won’t need to buy any other harmful bottles of cleaner from the store….ever again!

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    1. Wow! This is CRAZY! My mother-in-law just got me some industrial strength essential oil mix for household cleaning! I am totally in love with it! I only use 2 tbsp for everyday cleaning, 3 tbsp for the bathrooms, and directly on the spot for super hard to clean fabrics or furniture! I love the smell of it the most! Unlike most cleaning products, it smells fresh and clean, not sterile or toxic. And it really works, too! That really is the most important part! Now, if I only had a diffuser to help the rest of my home smell good, too! Thanks again for sharing this article! Oh, and one more thing! The first thing I cleaned with my new essential oil cleaner was my yoga mat! How cool is that! Namaste!!!

    2. I really look forward to your tips and tricks! I use a homemade cleanser but never thought to put essential oil in. Will try this for Sure! Thanks Organic Aromas! ❤

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