Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oil Recipes

Essential oil diffusers are probably the best way to experience the benefits of essential oils. They take pure essential oils and release them into the atmosphere for your inhaling pleasure. Whether you’re feeling blue, have a cold, or need a pick-me-up, there’s an essential oil that is well suited for the occasion. Essential oil diffusers are the perfect vehicle to get the good times rolling.

Single Oils For Your Essential Oil Diffusers

There are plenty of single oils out there that can do amazing things to your atmosphere when used on their own. They can fight many ailments that you might struggle with such as insomnia (lavender), nausea (peppermint), depression (grapefruit), or simply mental fatigue (cinnamon). When you add a few drops of them to essential oil diffusers, you can keep breathing in their health benefits all day and night to help you feel better.

But sometimes, you might need a more powerful combination of oils to beat those blues, or to work other wonders on your spirit. This is where making a blend for your essential oil diffusers comes in.

Making Blends For Your Essential Oil Diffuser

One single oil is good, but a blend can be better. Here are a 10 recipes for blends that can be used in essential oil diffusers.

Top o’ The Morning – Get up and get going every morning by filling essential oil diffusers with a blend that improves your alertness and stimulates you for a happy day. It also works well as a pick-me-up when the afternoon doldrums hit:

top of the morning essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 4 drops of sweet orange + 4 drops of peppermint


Respiratory Wonder – When you’re so congested that you can’t smell a thing, use this blend for essential oil diffusers to get cleared out.  It’s also great for improving respiratory function:

respiratory wonder essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 2 drops lemon + 1 drop lime + 2 drops peppermint + 1 drop rosemary + 2 drops eucalyptus + 1 drop tea tree


A Welcoming Freshness – Nothing says welcome like a summertime smell that goes right to your head; literally. Essential oil diffusers release the goods from this blend that promotes peace and summer love:

A Welcoming Freshness

  • 3 drops lavender + 2 drops lemon + 2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops spearmint


De-Stink The Room – In a home, stinky things happen, from pet odors to cooking odors and beyond. (Stinky teen sports uniforms, anyone?) Banish the bad and add odor eliminating power to your essential oil diffuser with:

Destink the room essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 2 drops lemon + 1 drop tea tree (melaleuca) + 1 drop cilantro + 1 drop lime


Let’s Hear It For The Boy – A rather manly blend that’s reminiscent of the woods and would work well to keep the man-cave smelling clean and fresh, despite the increased sweat and testosterone:

Lets Hear it For the Boy Essential Oil Blend by Organic Aromas

  • 2 drops white fir + 2 drops cypress + 2 drops wintergreen


It’s Allergy Season. Again – Whether you suffer them in the spring, summer, fall or all year-round, allergies can make life miserable. But a essential oil diffuser with this blend can help you blast them and be on the road to breathing better:

It's allergy season again essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 3 drops peppermint + 3 drops lavender + 3 drops lemon


Banish The Bugs – We mean the creepy crawlers, or fliers. Essential oil diffusers filled with this can be put on the patio to prevent unwanted visitors of the insect persuasion:

banish the bugs essenital oil blends by organic aromas

  • 1 drop lemongrass + 1 drop thyme + 1 drop eucalyptus + 1 drop basil


So-long, Sickness – Use it Fall through Spring to increase immunity and decrease your number of sick days:

so long sickness essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 1 drop rosemary + 1 drop clove + 1 drop eucalyptus + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop orange


Calm Down – There are many blends for essential oil diffusers you can use to relax when your nerves are shot, so we’ll give you two since this is such a common ailment:

Calm Down essential oil blend by organic aromas

  • 2 drops frankincense + 2 drops bergamot + 2 drops vetiver + 2 drops cedarwood


Sleep Tight – End the day on a perfect note with a good night’s sleep. A few drops and you’ll be off to nod before you know it:

Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend by Organic Aromas

  • 2 drops lavender + 2 drops chamomile + 2 drops marjoram


The more you learn about essential oils, the easier it will be to make your own blends and create something that is unique to you and your needs.  Essential oil diffusers can become a wonderful addition to your life. With benefits that range from relaxation to energy stimulation and more, it’s a way to make your home smell better and your whole life a little bit healthier. 

47 thoughts on “Essential Oil Recipes

  1. Emily Garcia says:

    Thanks for all the advices you give in how to use EO.
    I had been using essential oils, incense and candles all my life. Without even know that cats and dogs could be allergic to some oils. My pets seems to be doing ok, with all of the oils I use, including all the ones in the no,no, list.
    I’m worry now, after reading all this info.
    What should I do? After all this time nothing ever happen to none of them, should I stop using them? I use a diffuser that uses water and only use 4 or 5 drops of oils.

  2. TIFFINEY says:

    Thank you! I’m glad to learn some great recipes. Especially, glad about the recipe for Banish The Bugs! This past couple summers, my saltwater pool has been a HONEY BEE hangout. I use PEPPERMINT & LEMON all around the edges & ladder (be careful can get slick with too much oil). I also used 10-12 drops each diluted in a spray bottle & would spray the air as walking to the pool. The BEE’S would fly off, they’d come back after things got calm, I’d just repeat the process. I don’t like to kill them, they are HONEY BEES, however. Thought I’d share.

  3. Kristi W. says:

    Good Afternoon, I enjoyed the post and learned some new things about the collaborative benefits of blends. I look forward to trying the suggestions above!

  4. Simone B says:

    As an asthmatic I love using essential oils to diffuse around the house. I will try a couple of these blends. Thank you for posting them. I find it particularly hard to find recipes online.

  5. Jessica Staley says:

    I haven’t ventured into mixing them yet. I’ve been enjoying just one scent at a time. I’m gonna try some recipes.

  6. pam s hegel says:

    I literally just jumped on my phone to find an oil for allergies and congestion and this blog addresses both. Thank you! I can’t wait to buy these for my son!

  7. Sandie kreiss says:

    I have extreme anxiety and depression. These recipes are absolutely AWESOME!! I’ve been using essential oils to ease my symptoms for awhile now. These recipes are a godsend for people that have health issues like me. These recipes are even wonderful for just making your home smell wonderful!!

  8. Renea G says:

    I’m a firm believer in aromatherapy. Loved your allergy season (again) and sleep tight blends. I’ll have to try those. For sickness I use 2 drops of tea tree oil, 4 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of lavender.

  9. Diane Conover says:

    Our diffuser is going not stop with different oils for whatever is in ,lavender for down time,citrus during the morning.We love it

  10. Danielle Westcott says:

    Love those recipes!! I have ordered the Raindrop – Nebulizing Diffuser and the master aromatherapist kit. I should receive them this week… i am so excited. I cannot wait to try come of these recipes.
    For how long should I let the diffuser turned on to get the most benefits out of those recipes?

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