What are the Top 5 Best Essential Oils Brands

What Are The Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands?

Aromatherapy can transform your life for the better. Essential oils support the mind and body holistically, boosting quality of life. With that said, desired results can only come when you select a high quality essential oil brand. Virtually all essential oil sellers claim to be the best, and this makes it even harder for the consumer to choose objectively.

How do you determine the best essential oil brand? This article gives you pointers, and highlights the best brands based on quality parameters.

Essential Oil Certification

Scientific testing of an essential oil in a professional laboratory is the surest way to determine oil quality and suitability. Furthermore, a credible essential oil brand must use a third party lab to get independent results.

The lab results show all the chemical components therein and conclusively determines whether or not aldultrants, contaminants or diluents are present in the oil sample. This kind of certification is expensive and time consuming – many essential oil brands do not do this at all.

MSDS Report

Most essential oil brands will have a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) report for their oils. This document warns about potential hazards and serves to supplement alert information on labels. An MSDS report is not a lab report, it is a document created by the seller to comply with shipping and handling regulations of the local government. In and of itself, the MSDS is of little use to the average consumer.

Instead, the best oil brands should subject their oils to credible scientific lab testing to uphold quality control standards. Below is a look at leading essential oil brands in the market.

1. Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas is best known for creating the Nebulizing Diffuser®; a game-changing essential oil diffusing device that set out to improve the way professional aromatherapists administer essential oils to their patients. Naturally made with recycled plantation hardwood and a hand-blown glass reservoir where the oil sits and doesn’t come in contact with any plastic.

In the beginning Organic Aromas noticed that 90% of the essential oil diffusers on the market were made from plastic. We all know how harmful plastics are for our environment, not to mention the damaging health effects caused when potentially harmful chemicals are leached into our oil diffusers via the corrosive nature of the essential oils themselves. Organic Aromas is set to change the aromatherapy industry for the better

Organic Aromas is also a leading essential oil brand. We sell pure, organic certified essential oils as well as non organic oils for the budget conscious consumer that ALSO requires top quality! Organic Aromas sends out the single essential oils it sells for third-party, GC-MS testing to a company called Phytochemia, located in Montreal, Canada. The (GC-MS) Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry testing is used to identify, measure and separate chemical constituents in an oil sample. It also helps to identify any adulterants or impurities that may happen to contaminate the oil.

Organic Aromas also offers a wide variety of unique essential oil blends that can only be found here.

Organic Aromas always puts the customer first. This essential oil brand has top notch customer service and enjoys impressive reviews from verified buyers. Organic Aromas offers affordable pricing and the company does not use multi-level marketing or other high pressure selling schemes. Whether you are buying essential oils or nebulizing diffusers, this is a highly trusted brand making it an industry leader.

2. doTerra

doTerra is a well known essential oil brand that sells a wide variety of oils. According to the company, they decided to set their own standard to determine the purity of their oils. They themselves created a protocol referred to as the CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade). This is a trademark they own. This protocol states that rigorous testing of oil batches is performed. The company has also stated that they engage in third party testing although the details are scarce. This information is not available publicly. They state that through their “quality protocol”, the brand ensures that only pure oils are sold to customers.

It is worth noting that doTerra’s marketing strategy involves recruiting members in various levels and clubs. The more sales a member has, the higher they grow in rank and hierarchy known as high pressure sales or multi-level marketing. This type of sales method usually requires the final retail price to be higher so the top of the pyramid will receive their commissions.

3. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is another popular essential oil brand. They have all manner of oils in their catalogue. Regarding oil quality, they use GC-MS testing. The Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry test is used to identify, measure and separate chemical constituents in an oil sample. For comparing ISO/AFNOR norms, this method is not ideal because better approaches have been developed.

What Are The Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands?

4. Eden’s Garden

Eden’s Garden is a common essential oil brand in the market. According to the company, rigorous tests are done on oil batches to ensure top notch quality. Upon request, customers can receive a certificate of analysis, specifications and an MSDS report for essential oils sold. Furthermore, the oils are GC-MS tested by third parties to ensure safety. The company also has certified aromatherapists who are always researching new knowledge to enhance their product offerings.

5. Young Living

Young Living is a pioneer brand in the essential oil industry and is best known for their diverse oil catalogue, as well as emphasizing their “relationships” with the farmers. They are well known for their multi-level marketing selling strategy which rewards their sales team in a top down pyramid method.

With a focus on product quality, the company has several pillars which are sourcing, science and standards. If a product fails their exhaustive tests, they do not source it. They have a scientific staff who develops new products. The brand has developed the Lacey Act Compliance Program to check and ensure essential oil quality. This self-created regulatory regime has five general steps in which Young Living attempts to evaluate their suppliers. However, yet again, none of this information is publicly available.


The bottom line when it comes to essential oils is quality. Quality standards have to be demonstrated clearly to customers. It’s important to know that no two oils are going to be the same. There are many factors which affect the composition of an oil including weather, time of harvest, genetics, fertilizers and pesticides and make-up of the soil not to mention much more. This is very similar to a fine wine, no two vintages will be the same coming off the vine year on year.

When choosing a company, look at customer reviews and compare the feedback from different brands. Also, keep in mind that high quality pure essential oils are not available at unreasonably low prices. We hope these pointers can help you choose an essential oil brand that is the right fit for you.

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What Are The Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands?

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  1. I’ve been using Eden’s for awhile, didn’t have any exposure to Organic Aromas – will definitely give you an honest try. I had no idea how oils were ranked, and of course EVERY company says they’re the best so it’s nice to see some science behind your claim.

  2. I’ve don’t know if it’s my phone but I start my comments and then it goes back to the beginning of this page. But I know that whichever product or company I use I need to feel confident in what I’m buying. And I need to make sure that they do third party lab testing. Thank you

  3. This was super helpful! I’m new to you guys and can’t wait to try out your essential oils! I’ve always wanted to try Doterra and Young Living but haven’t had a chance to yet!

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