how to use a nebulizing diffuser

How to Use a Nebulizing Diffuser

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You may have heard of the Nebulizing Diffuser and are curious as to how it works or why it is better than other types of essential oil diffusers. Read on to learn how to use a Nebulizing Diffuser and how it works.

What Are Nebulizing Diffusers?

A nebulizing diffuser is a recent innovation by Organic Aromas. Instead of using heat or water, the nebulizing diffuser uses pressurized air to turn the essential oils into microparticles which it then diffuses into the air. This method is more efficient than heat or water. Because the nebulizing diffuser releases essential oil microparticles, the fragrance remains strong and you get the full, unaltered benefits of the essential oils.

How Do Nebulizing Diffusers Work?

The Nebulizing Diffuser does not use heat or water to diffuse essential oil. Instead, it relies on a physics concept called Bernoulli’s Principle. The Nebulizing Diffuser uses air currents to atomize and then disperse essential oils. The diffuser releases pressurized air to turn the essential oils into microparticles. Meanwhile, reduced pressure at the exit point causes the microparticles to rise up and exit into the air.

a raindrop nebulizing diffuser dispersing essential oil microparticles

How To Use a Nebulizing Diffuser?

Using a Nebulizing Diffuser will enhance your aromatherapy experience. It’s a simple device to operate. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Set up the Nebulizing Diffuser. Connect the cable to the power input in base of the diffuser. Then, attach the glass reservoir.
  2. Add essential oils into the diffuser through the opening at the top of the glass reservoir.
  3. Place the glass cap on top of the diffuser and turn it on. You may set a timer if you prefer.

To maintain your Nebulizing Diffuser, you may want to clean it every few days, especially if you use it every day. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Discard any leftover essential oils in the glass reservoir.
  2. Add a few drops of high concentrate alcohol into the glass reservoir. Shake the alcohol around to rinse the glass reservoir. Then, throw the alcohol away.
  3. Add another few drops of alcohol into the reservoir. Using the pipette to flush out essential oils in the microtubes inside the glass reservoir.
  4. Without removing the alcohol, attach the glass reservoir to the base and let it run for 5 minutes.

You can also watch the process here.

how to use a nebulizing diffuser infographics

Essential Oil Blends To Use With Your Nebulizing Diffuser

If you’re new to aromatherapy, it can easily get overwhelming. First off, diffusing is just one of the methods to use essential oils. Second, there are so many essential oils, each one with unique uses and benefits. To make the most of aromatherapy, you could blend different essential oils to combine their benefits and achieve a unique scent. Here are some great essential oil blends to get you started:

Melt Your Stress Away

After a long day, diffuse this blend to help you relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

For Calmness

These three essential oils are great for helping you calm down.  

For Clearer Breaths

Use this blend during the flu season or when your airways are blocked.

Headache Relief

Headaches can be caused by tension or stress. These essential oils tackle those issues while also helping the muscles in your head and body relax.

For Better Sleep

These essential oils have relaxing and calming effects, as well as abilities to induce sleep. Together, they can help you fall asleep faster and feel well-rested in the morning.

  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Chamomile
  • 3 drops Lavender

Insect Repellent

Keep bugs and mosquitoes away from your home with this simple blend that will also keep your home smelling fresh.


If you need a little energy boost anytime during the day, pop this blend into your Nebulizing Diffuser.

To Uplift Your Mood

If you are feeling down or simply not feeling the best, this blend could help improve your mood.

Focus And Concentration

Do you need to concentrate on a difficult task? Improve your concentration with these essential oils.

For Romance

Make the mood romantic with this blend.

Freshen Up

Make your home more inviting by keeping it smelling fresh and clean. Try out this blend.

  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 2 drops Peppermint
  • 2 drops Lavender


Essential oils are potent liquids with so many benefits and uses. Paired with the powerful Nebulizing Diffuser, aromatherapy can help with your personal and home needs. It’s time to up your aromatherapy game!

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  1. I enjoyed reading about how different oils help with different things. I also did not know you needed to clean your diffuser every few days to maintain it’s effectiveness.

    1. I love how you mix oils for different uses. You glass one is probably better than the plastic ones I buy because they break down and I’m replacing them every 2 months.

  2. I love the idea and concept of this! I’m constantly having to keep an eye on my diffusers to add water and essential oils. With this diffuser, you also get the full, concentrated aroma of the oils, too. Very Nice!

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