Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper has been used as a natural detoxifying agent for years. It contains many natural compounds that can purify the air, making it cleaner to breathe. In fact, it was not uncommon for hospital wards in France to burn juniper to keep bacteria and infections from spreading to patients.

Today, Juniper is still a major player in the detox game, but there are many more benefits of juniper essential oil than freshness.

The Unmistakable Scent of Juniper Essential Oil

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling juniper essential oil, you know that it has an easily identifiable fragrance. The scent is clean, woody, spicy, and slightly reminiscent of balsamic vinegar. Harvested from the needles and berries of the evergreen shrub, juniper is commonly used to make gin, which gives it its distinct flavor. When steam distilled to make juniper essential oil, the concentration becomes richer, more intense, and beneficial in many more ways than flavoring a gin and tonic.

Methods to Get the Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Aside from freshening the air and making mixed drinks, juniper has been used in traditional medicine for years. To receive the benefits of juniper essential oil, it can be diluted into a carrier oil and used topically. Thanks to its strong scent, it works well with thicker oils such as jojoba and coconut.

The best method for taking advantage of the benefits of juniper essential oil is to use a nebulizing diffuser to disperse it throughout a room. This is especially helpful when trying to purify a sick room, freshen up a common area, or just keep household germs at bay. A nebulizing essential oil diffuser works without heat, water, of electricity, making it one the easiest ways to experience pure essential oils.

Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

The benefits of juniper essential oil are extensive. Consider using this essential oil if you have problems with any of the following:

  • Excessive Gas and Stomach Trouble. Gas pain is no laughing matter. When trapped in the intestines, it can be painful to the point of tears. If it forces its way up to the stomach area, it can cause indigestion and chest pain. Use juniper essential oil to remove gas at the source. This also works for acid reflux and stomach ulcers, as it maintains acid balance in the stomach.
  • Skin Irritations and Imperfections. The antimicrobial properties in juniper essential oil makes it a natural for helping in the healing of irritated skin from rashes and eczema. This essential oil can aid in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and works to banish acne. And the antiseptic properties in juniper essential oil can prevent sepsis from setting in from a wound.
  • Trouble Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep. Juniper essential oil has been part of a natural sleep inducing team for years. Diffused with sandalwood or rose essential oil, it can promote feelings of peace and reduce anxiety. Its compounds have a relaxing effect on the brain, making slumber easier to obtain without the use of dangerous prescription medication.
  • Natural Household Cleaners. It can be difficult to find products that can really kill germs and clean the home without the overpowering scent of bleach or other chemicals. Juniper essential oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that make it the perfect way to disinfect the home in a pleasant way.
  • Bloating and Water Retention. Those who retain water can use this natural diuretic to flush out the excess fluids. Juniper essential oil can promote urination, which can assist in weight loss and detoxification. The excess urine flow not only flushes out the bladder and urethra, but the antibacterial properties can reduce UTIs and bladder infections.

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Incredible Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

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    1. It’s extremely difficult to fall asleep most nights and, after I finally do, I wake up every couple of hours. This would definitely be worth trying.

    2. I did not realize that Juniper could help with gas and digestion. I absolutely love the smell of this oil. Who knew it had such great hidden benefits!

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