Roller Ball Bottle: An Easy Way To Use Essential Oils

Roller Ball Bottle An Easy Way to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have been a part of human civilizations for centuries. They have been around since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians started cultivating plants to use the oils for religious practices, cosmetics, and medicine. The same exploration of herbs and aromatic plants occurred at that time in other parts of the world, such as India and China. 

The interest in the use of essential oils has always been there. It is not a new phenomenon. However, as time goes by, people have created alternative ways to make essential oils more accessible and easier to use.

Uses of Essential Oil Rollers

Among the handiest ways of carrying essential oil around is to put them in essential oil rollerball bottles. You may have encountered roll-on perfumes. The idea behind essential oil rollerball bottles is the same. It is an easy way to apply essential oils even while you are on the go.

Inhaling essential oil using a diffuser is a good way of experiencing the health benefits of aromatherapy. However, you cannot always carry around your diffuser. Sometimes, you also need to feel the effects as soon as possible. With the use of a rollerball bottle, you will have these advantages. You can experience the effects in as little as 20 minutes after you apply it through your skin. 

Depending on the essential oil it contains, a rollerball bottle can give you a lot of benefits. It can help.

  • Pain relief
  • Stomach issues like nausea, bloating, or indigestion
  • For cough and congestion
  • Insect bites and blemishes

Creating Your Own Rollerball

If you are thinking of creating your own essential oil rollerball bottle, you should make sure you understand what the essential oil is for and if it fits your needs. You should also properly select the things that you will use to avoid problems.

For your blend, you can add ten drops of the chosen essential oil or a combination of oils in a 10ml bottle. Then, add the carrier oil that you want to use. Carrier oils will dilute the essential oils and help them get into a person’s skin. Thus, they will not lessen the effects. 

Generally, a roller bottle has four components. These are the rollerball, the housing, the bottle itself, and a cap. To put the blend into your roller bottle, you will need to separate the roller ball housing from the bottle. You can either pull it away or use a bottle key to complete the task.

Since the mouth of the bottle is a bit small, you can use a funnel to avoid spilling the blend. It is also best to label your bottle so that you will easily know what is inside it.

Roller Ball Bottle: An Easy Way To Use Essential Oils

Where to Apply Essential Oils Topically

The best places to apply the essential oils are on your pulse points because these are areas where the blood vessels are close to the skin. Thus, it will promote optimal absorption. If you are unsure where to apply the essential oil rollerball, here are specific areas that can help you get maximum benefits. 

  • Bottom of your feet – These parts of your body have larger pores. Thus, it is easier for them to absorb essential oils and release the benefits into a person’s bloodstream. 
  • Behind your ears – The skin found behind your ears is more absorbent. Additionally, there is also a pressure point there. It is the mastoid point, which can help alleviate headaches, low energy, and migraine.
  • Temples – Most of the time, you see people massage their temples when they have a bad headache. Doing this helps since it is also a pulse point. For a faster result, you can try applying the essential oil roller there. 
  • Wrists – Our wrists are the first that comes to mind when referring to pulse points. Applying on your inner wrist can help your body absorb the essential oils quicker.

Aside from these pulse points, you can also apply the essential oil roller on different parts of your body where you are experiencing issues. These parts include the following:


  • Ankles
  • Stomach
  • Side of your neck
  • Inner elbow
  • Chest
  • Back of your knees
  • Other problem areas

Circulation and warmth can also speed up the ability of a person’s skin to absorb the oil. To make it more effective, you can roll the bottle between your palms to help increase the temperature of its content. You should also remember that if you cover a larger area of skin, your body will absorb more essential oils. However, keep in mind that it is best to check the condition of your skin first. Do not put essential oils on damaged skin.

When you apply essential oils on your skin, make sure that you are following safety guidelines. Make sure you only buy from reliable sources. You should also make sure you understand the use of each essential oil you are purchasing. Additionally, store them in appropriate containers that are non-flammable.

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Roller Ball Bottle: An Easy Way To Use Essential Oils

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    I love using the roller ball! You can apply right where you want it and no mess. I had the thing to pop the roll ball out and now I know it is called a bottle key.

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    I love using the rollerball because it seems better to prevent contamination to the oils and it seems a better application of the oils.

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    I have been using rosalina in a roller ball on chest for congestion , but this article is a great reminder of the benefits of using roller ball in other body parts ! Thanks

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