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Diffuser Blends To Support Your Immune System

Diffuser Blends to Support Your Immune System

Aromatherapy is an untapped way to support your immune system naturally.
Essential oils are packed with various benefits that can be harnessed to …

Making A Facial Steam Extra Special with Essential Oils

Making a Facial Steam Extra Special With Essential Oils

Having facial steam is an easy way to pamper your skin and remove impurities. , There is a way to increase the benefits that one can get by adding essential oils. Doing this will add the therapeutic effects of essential oils to the…

Using Essential Oils to Clean the Air

Using Essential Oils to Clean the Air

Essential oils when diffused do a lot more than just aromatherapy, they can also help to cleanse the air you breathe. When using the right essential oils in your nebulizing diffuser, microbes, fungal spores, and other pollutants are no match, and you can reap the therapeutic rewards of the oils while…

How to “Warm Up” Your Home With Essential Oils

How to Warm Up Your Home When It's Cold Outside

When using oils, along with an aromatherapy oil diffuser, you can provide warmth and comfort to your home when it is cold outside. Curious about which oils are best for an aromatherapy oil diffuser in the winter? Keep reading…

Perfect Blends For The Best New Year’s Eve Party

Perfect Blends For the Best New Year's Eve Party

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year? If so, you should strongly consider setting up aromatherapy diffusers throughout your home in areas where guests will be isolated. Not only do essential oils provide…

Natural Ways to Ease Heartburn

Natural Ways to Ease Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful condition that affects many people on a daily basis. While there are several over the counter medications designed to help treat heartburn on a daily basis, there are other more natural ways to…

5 Amazing Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

5 Amazing Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella essential oil has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. Though most people associate this essential oil with insect repellent, there are many more benefits of citronella essential oil, like…

4 Incredible Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

4 Incredible Benefits Clary Sage Essential Oil

There are several incredible benefits clary sage essential oil has, but the most common can alleviate problems that plague many people throughout their lifetime. The 2 most common ways to use clary sage essential oil include …