How to Warm Up Your Home When It's Cold Outside

How to “Warm Up” Your Home With Essential Oils

Are you dreading the winter cold? Do snow and bitter temperatures have you shivering already? If so, there’s no need to worry. There are a few weeks left in fall, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to stock up on an excellent solution that can help warm your home when it’s cold outside.

No, we are not talking about candles or firewood. Rather, we’re referring to essential oils. When using oils, along with an aromatherapy oil diffuser, you can provide warmth and comfort to your home when it is cold outside. Curious about which oils are best for an aromatherapy oil diffuser in the winter? Keep reading to see our recommended list below!

Juniper Essential Oil

If you’re looking to warm your home when it’s cold outside this winter, one of the oils you’ll need to add to your aromatherapy oil diffuser is juniper. Juniper oil, extracted from juniper berries, smells very fresh. Many of our customers have described it along the lines as “woody with a bittersweet finish.” 

Juniper is an excellent addition because it helps to calm nerves and fight anxiety, providing feelings of relaxation and comfort during the holiday season. Juniper is also an excellent addition to household cleaners. So, if you’re looking to give your home an extra boost this holiday season, don’t hesitate to add juniper to your cleaning mixture.

Marjoram Essential Oil

This is another excellent oil to add if you’re looking to warm your home this winter. Marjoram oil also provides calm sentiments. It can also help individuals find inner peace and balance internal emotions. This is also an excellent oil to help keep you healthy during the holiday season. There’s nothing drearier than when you find yourself laid up on the couch with the flu.

Fortunately, marjoram oil helps to boost the immune system. Many users indicate when this oil is used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser, marjoram helps fight against the common cold. Some also report that it helps aid digestion, which is critical when partaking in the many festivities of the holiday season!

Rosemary Essential Oil

Using rosemary oil can provide herbal scents throughout your home this winter. Rosemary makes for one of the best room fresheners and can uplift the spirit in a room instantly. Rosemary can help boost mental activity while also treating numerous respiratory problems. The oil also provides anti-bacterial properties. Much like some of the other oils on this list, customers can also put it into a household cleaner to boost the freshness in their home this holiday season.

How to “Warm Up” Your Home When It’s Cold Outside

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

One of the best ways to find warmth in your home is through relaxation. One of the oils that can help you do so is ylang ylang. This oil is known to have a euphoric effect which can help release tension and anxiety. If you’re worried about the stresses of the holiday season, this could be an excellent oil to add to your home this winter. The oil also helps fight infections while bolstering the nervous system.

Peppermint Essential Oil

When used in a diffuser, peppermint oil provides effects similar to menthol. Peppermint will help infuse any room in your home with the holiday spirit. This oil can also help relieve numerous respiratory ailments and skin irritations, which may help you relax and sink into the comfort of your home. Peppermint promotes overall health and also serves to boost brain activity.

Additionally, peppermint is known to boost the function of other oils. As you’ll find in the section below, oils are fantastic when used on their own but are perhaps even better when combined with other oils to create a blend. Peppermint is one of the oils that help to activate the ingredients and effects of other oils. 

Create a Warming Blend This Winter

Although essential oils are fantastic when used individually, their benefits are perhaps best seen when you combine multiple in an aromatherapy oil diffuser. Feel free to experiment with different oils to come up with a warming blend for the holiday season. Not only will blends provide different scents, but they’ll also offer various health benefits as well.

If you come up with a blend that you find warms your home, please feel free to share it with our community of readers in the comment section below. We always love hearing from our readers and learning about how they put our essential oils to good use. We look forward to reading the mixtures you create! 

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How to “Warm Up” Your Home When It’s Cold Outside


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  1. Great blog and thanks for the ideas. I have noticed the warming effect you wrote about when I have used these oil in blends. Highly recommend this blog to everyone.

  2. Peppermint oil not only warms up your home but is also a great headache reliever when applied to your temples, back of neck, and behind your ears. Just be sure not to get into eyes!

  3. My house is mid terrace so we find if our neighbours have heating on, we are fairly warmed aswell. but our heating does go on.. and I do sit with a hot water bottle and blanket.. have fibromyalgia so body feels the cold to the bones. x

  4. The warming oils make interesting reading. I feel the cold very much (I have rh arthritis) A microwave hotwater thaws my hands out, wool mix joggers help keep my legs warm, hot drinks & watching tv with our lovely rescue dog cuddling up on the sofa.

  5. My husband and I love putting the Juniper oil into our nebulizer during the holiday season. It makes our home smell like we have a real Christmas tree in it but even better, because we can prolong that wonderful childhood memory smell for months….much longer than any Christmas tree would last! It definitely warms our home up during the chilly winter months!

  6. I’d rather wrap up well and drink lots of hot water I don’t think the heating does us much good even though we do need it . I tend to get nasal catarrh and headaches though some oils help that

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