Essential Oils to Avoid Using Around Your Dog

Essential Oils to Avoid Using Around Your Dogs

Essential oils have tons of benefits for humans and dogs alike, but there are a few you should avoid when it comes to your beloved canine friend.

Basic Essential Oil Safety Tips for Dogs

No matter what kind of essential oils you might be using or the type of dog you might own, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure your canine’s health and safety.

Always dilute

Whenever you are using essential oils with your dog or applying them to your dog’s coat, you must first dilute the oils with carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Or if you cannot dilute, you must use essential oils in ultra-small doses for only a short period of time.

Avoid sensitive areas

If you are applying an essential oil mixture to your dog, make sure to avoid the eyes, nose, anal area, and genital area. There is no reason for you to apply it in those areas and doing so could cause your companion a lot of discomfort.

Use caution

While most dogs have little to no problem with essential oils, you will want to be careful with this new experience. Additionally, puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs, toy dogs or pregnant dogs will be even more sensitive and require extra care.

Consider size of your pet

The smaller the dog, the more vulnerable they will be to the essential oils more harmful side effects. So when you are diluting your mixture, consider the size of your dog.

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Essential Oils That Can Be Toxic To Dogs

  1. Oregano – While you want to keep your dog’s contact minimal, when properly diluted with a carrier oil or used in very small amounts, this essential oil can provide some benefits for canines with poor respiratory health. However, you should weigh the risks and consider all the important factors such as the age, size and type of dog before doing so.

  2. Tea Tree – You don’t have to go too far to hear about tea tree oil being toxic to dogs. However, it is important to note that it is only harmful in high doses. Still, you shouldn’t allow your dog to have too much contact with this oil.

  3. Thyme – Much like with oregano, this essential oil can help dogs with respiratory issues. Again you absolutely need to dilute it with carrier oils first and should consider whether the risk is worth it for your dog’s unique needs.

  4. Wintergreen – The essential oil of wintergreen is not useful with aromatherapy for dogs. It can even be harmful. If you are looking for a ‘minty fresh’ alternative, peppermint oil works great and is safe for the both of you.

36 thoughts on “Essential Oils to Avoid Using Around Your Dog

  1. Dana Pena says:

    I was putting patchouli essential oil and lavender essential oil on last night and my dogs accidentally got some on them one threw up the other 3 are just acting kinda lazy this morning should I be worried

  2. Dena Holliday says:

    Please give me a recipe for flea and tick prevention using eucalyptus oil. This seems to be the best one for this snd should I use organic? Is the Latin name the one to look for?

  3. Critical Thought Provocation says:

    Young Living is one of the worst essential oil brands on the market. They refuse to publish the chemical analysis of their trash oils so someone else did it independently. Guess what? They are full of synthetic chemicals and poisonous “fragrance”. Don’t believe me? Use your stupid, propaganda spewing phone to actually look something up. So is DoTerra. People need to stop being so dumb and employ critical thinking methods into their every day lives.

    • Hope says:

      It’s 2022…. Now, isn’t this true for our entire nation right? Critical thought? You are censored if you have enough critique in your thoughts….

  4. ZuckerRat says:

    Do be careful defusing essential oils around pets. When I first got into oils, I happen to work with a Young Living distributor, so that is what I chose.

    I set up my diffuser in my bedroom and excitedly started diffusing. My dog sleeps in my bedroom with me at night, with the door closed. It never occurred to me that I was trapping him overnight with these oils. I noticed a change in his behaviour almost immediately. He started having accidents in the house and getting into things… Two things that he has never done.

    I stopped diffusing the oils in my bedroom, and his behaviour went back to normal. Coincidence? Possibly.

    I should mention that I was not diffusing any of the oils that are mentioned in this article as being potentially dangerous. I was mostly using JuvaFlex or citrus.

    When I brought this up to my distributor, she laughed it off, telling me that if animals were getting sick from essential oils, it is probably because people were using lower quality oils. But wouldn’t it make sense that a better quality oil would be more potent, and therefore potentially more dangerous to an animal?

    Needless to say… Do not rely on a distributor who is trying to sell you a product for good advice. Do your own research and watch your own animal.

  5. Shona Reilly says:

    I’ve never quite understood a website leaving a question area but never choosing to answer people’s questions ask! Why waste people’s time? These poor people are worried about their furbabys! Too start I use peppermint on myself & in my super hot bath water I have 2 chihuahua’s & they’ve never had a reaction once to peppermint oil the smallest of the 2 is 10lbs. I also put a couple drops of tea tree in my water sometimes which also has never effected my dogs, that being said I read a story of a woman that defused tea tree not knowing it was a danger to dogs, her dogs became delirious & didn’t even recognize her, if she’d not caught the issue & stopped informed by her vet it would have caused irreversible damage or death! Also before taking advice from a site trying to sell oils your better off to join an essential oils group online & talk to other pet owners! I’ve learned more from my local pet supply store than my vet about my dog chicken allergy! Sad people questions weren’t answered! I hope this helps the woman with the chihuahua question!

  6. Lucy L Kosiba8 says:

    When I put coconut oil on dog rash he just licks it off. How do I apply tick repellent essential oils without him licking it?

  7. Selma says:

    I use a diffuser at night it helps me sleep but I have a 12 week old puppy she sleeps in my room now I’m worried I use lavender on guard and frankincense All by doeterra

  8. Lori says:

    All you people asking for health advice without being a patient, you won’t get an answer from Organic Armoas. They are not vets. Discuss this with an Eastern/Western vet in your area.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some of you guys are either not worried by spelling or not smart enough to spell words correctly. Definitely not trusting anyone who looks like they are dumb. :/

  10. Brenda says:

    I am not using essential oils on my dog. Was wondering if inhaling the fumes from the breathe easy mixture my husband is using for his cold

  11. vickie bennett says:

    i have a shih zue and maltese- i have COPD, emphsema and on oxyegn- i have a chronic sinus infection and wanted to boil some water and add a couple drops of thyme and breathe in to help my sinus’s- will this harm my pups- please rely ASAP thank you for your kindness

  12. Dovie Whitehead says:

    I put out drops of peppermint oil on cottonballs to deter mice from staying in my house. Will it hurt my small chihuahuas to breathe this. Plz answer back promptly.

  13. Cindie says:

    I love clove and have used it in my diffuser. With 3 dogs, I did not see Amy negative reaction. I also did not know it was not safe for them until today! TY for the great info.

  14. Fray says:

    Hi I have a Yorkshire terriers mother always gets stressed especially when she seee her lead for walks then sets other dogs of barking plz can you help

  15. Dana Burgin says:

    I have Ravintsara and would like to diffuse it in my bedroom during this flu season. I didn’t see it on the list for dogs however I want to make sure because they sleep in the bedroom. They are 20 lbs and 25 lbs. mini aussies.!

  16. terri says:

    I have a blind dog that keeps running into to the walls what essential oil can I use on my walls that will help her not run into the walls. Please help I love my little dog

  17. Gloria Tate says:

    Tea tree can kill you dog and do can clove Wintergreen.. slim..thyme is not good there’s few more …. Pepmint is good lavender is good for your dog farkin is good… For dogs long grass is ok….. There’s a list … Be careful… Good luck

  18. Roy Neal Smith says:

    I ordered some oils and diffuser, I have an 80 lb American Bulldog, anything I shouldn’t use or is it just trial and error with what he approves of?

  19. Deb says:

    A child that I care for 3 days a week always has a concoction of essential oils on and my dog hides for a good couple of hours when she comes in. What smell could be bothering him?

  20. Sara says:

    I used Tea Tree Oil in my diffuser the other day with other oils not realizing Tea Tree Oil was not good for dogs. The next morning when one of my dogs woke up she went down the stairs ever so slightly, she took one step at a time when she normally runs down. The night before I had a diffuser going with tea tree oil, grapefruit and lemon. Today I read that tea tree oil is not good for dogs even if it is in a diffuser. Lesson learned.

  21. Monika says:

    Thank you for this information. Is it safe to diffuse these oils around my dog? I usually only use 1-4 drops of an essential oil in my diffuser? I sometimes diffuse thyme and/or oregano when I’m feeling sick and am wondering if it’s okay to do so with my new doggie family member.

  22. Cyndie Walls says:

    Thank you for the information about using Essential Oils safely around pets. I have 2 dogs and this will help me know which oils to use and not to around them. I appreciate you sharing this information with us because when it comes to our furbabies this information is so necessary to know.

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