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Beautiful Aromas are in the eyes, mind and nose of the Beholder!

It is very important to remember that what we like is not always what others like or wish or want. We need to be mindful when using essential oils around others as they can affect people in different ways.

As long as youre using pure, organic essential oils like ours, you will have no problem with quality or with your experience. However, it is quite easy to overwhelm a person with a particular scent.

We know some smells are absolutely captivating and can even leave a long, long term impression on a person. Most people would agree some scents like citrus, cinnamon or lavender are simply lovely and most desired. Still, it is necessary to regulate concentration when diffusing essential oils.

Another good thing to remember, is that the more often you diffuse essential oils in a single location, the more the scent will naturally build in that environment. Likewise, exposure to the essential oil is continual and constant. So, even if we experience olfactory assimilation (adaptation and desensitization) and a smell is no longer as prevalent as before, as long as it is diffused regularly it is still in our environment .

So keep this in mind when using essential oils. They are strong and smelling them too long or too much can be unpleasant to some or even overwhelming. To save money and to use essential oils appropriately, we can regulate and manage how we diffuse oils. Furthermore, young and old people and those with serious allergies or severe skin sensitivities may react more often to essential oils in the air. So keep this in mind. Be considerate and mindful.

All of our Organic Aromas diffusers have the same mechanical parts. The only difference is the size and shape of the wooden base and the size and shape of the glass reservoir. However, these do not affect the performance. All are equally efficient and powerful.

Each has a usage cycle of 90 minutes. They will diffuse essential oils for 2 minutes and then shut off for 1 minute. After one hour and a half, the units will automatically shut off completely.micro tubes

The diffusers have a “volume” switch on the side, so you can adjust how much oil you want to diffuse. If you put the diffuser on “low” it will use your oil very sparingly. However, I must admit that if you want to really control your essential oil usage you can consider manually shutting the device off after 10 or 20 minutes or whenever your room/location is fully saturated with the level of scent you require (which varies a lot depending on who you are, where you are and what you want to do).

We generally advise using 15 drops in your diffuser at a time (which is about 1ml), but if you like a certain essential oil and want to use it daily, 30 or even 45 drops is perfectly ok. Just remember to diffuse some alcohol through it once you’re done with diffusing that 3ml.

You may use diluted thicker essential oils that are blended with carrier oils, just remember two things, 1. never use fragrance oils or anything not 100% natural and 2. always remember to clean your diffuser. It will perform well for you for years and years if you take care of cleaning it (per the video on our YT channel and website).




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