Best Homemade Acne Gel With Essential Oils

Best Homemade Acne gel with Essential Oils

When you have a lingering acne problem, chances are that you have already tried conventional treatments. The truth of the matter is that some store bought acne creams can make acne worse in the long term. Harmful compounds and toxins in some products will leave you feeling more frustrated. A natural approach to treating acne is better. Thankfully, essential oils can help you treat acne in a sustainable way. Above all, you can make your very own acne gel at home using essential oils.

Best Essential Oils For Acne

Before looking at how to make an acne gel at home, let us look at the best essential oils to combat acne.

Patchouli Essential Oil

This oil has an earthy aroma with fruity undertones. It is a rejuvenating oil as it has been seen to reduce depression. To resolve acne, this oil has antibacterial elements. Also, it is an anti inflammatory oil that promotes tissue rejuvenation. It sparks the renewal of skin cells making it ideal for acne. Patchouli oil has been found to benefit blemish prone skin of people who are 35 years and above.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

When it comes to treating acne naturally, tea tree is the most commonly used oil and for good reason. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills all manner of microbes including the acne causing bacteria. It also cleanses skin to improve overall tone and feel of skin. Most homemade anti acne solutions utilize tea tree as an effective oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is an aromatic oil that is minty and sharp. It has a warming and cooling effect and fights inflammation. This stimulating oil has been found beneficial for eradicating acne naturally. With potent antimicrobial properties and the ability to ease inflammation, this is a good oil to consider.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

This is an energising citrus oil that works well to treat acne. It fights bacteria and inflammation in the body to provide the needed relief. It is rich in vitamin C which improves the condition of skin. In addition to keeping acne at bay, grapefruit oil is ideal for aging skin looking for rejuvenation.

Lavender Essential Oil

This floral oil with woodsy undertones is the most popular of all essential oils. It is a great oil if you are over 35 and helps all skin types flourish. It works by promoting cell renewal or regeneration. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent. If you have scars from acne, lavender oil minimizes the appearance to give you a youthful look.

There are many other oils that work well to treat acne including clary sage essential oil. To make an acne gel at home using these oils, you also need to use a carrier oil. It is a bit tricky because if you choose a carrier oil that promotes acne, your essential oils may not work well.

Therefore, you have to be careful which carrier oils you use. Remember, you must use a carrier because of the topical application. The best carrier oil for acne prone skin is jojoba oil. This oil doesn’t clog pores. It nourishes lightly and allows your pores to breath.

Best Homemade Acne Gel With Essential Oils

DIY Acne Gel At Home

You will need a few things;

  • Jojoba carrier oil – one ounce
  • Tea tree oil – 5 drops
  • Clary sage oil – 5 drops


Mix all the ingredients in a suitable container or tube and use topically.


When not used properly, essential oils for acne can fail to achieve the goal. The first thing is to buy quality essential oils. These are pure oils from a reputable seller or dealer. Choose the right oils as guided above. If you are not sure which oil to start with for acne treatment at home, go with tea tree oil.

Then, you have to use the oils in the right amounts. A few drops are more than enough when making an acne gel at home. Too much of the oil can irritate skin and leave acne worse.

After making your gel, label your container and store in a cool dry place. Make sure to store your gel aways form children and pets. It is important to use the gel on the affected areas only. Using the acne gel on sections that are not affected may be counterproductive.

Make sure to moisturize your skin properly after using the acne gel. Dryness actually causes more acne. If you are not too confident about making your own gel, buy ready made essential oil gels from trusted companies. If you experience a bad reaction after using an essential oil, you may have an allergy and you must discontinue use.


Acne is caused by many factors including hormonal issues. Some people experience the worst acne while pregnant. Some people develop acne because of using the wrong beauty products. Clogging pores is rampart and many times, people are not even aware. Select your skincare products carefully from moisturizer to toner and acne treatment.

For acne prone skin, avoid comedogenic products and look for oil-free moisturizer. Essential oils when used properly will support an acne free skin. This is a cost effective way to harness beauty naturally. If you are tired of synthetic solutions for acne, try essential oils today and see the difference.

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Best Homemade Acne Gel With Essential Oils

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  1. Carolyn D says:

    I have never tried using essential oils for acne before, but I think I might try your recipe for an acne gel next time I have a bad break out.

  2. Sunnymay says:

    thanks for the formula along with the carrier oil. I have the ingredients except bergamot essential oil. I’ll try it this week.

  3. Ronald GagnonI says:

    I have heard of most of these oils, but I sure never knew Grapefruit Essential Oil or grapefruit oil is ideal for aging skin looking for rejuvenation.
    or grapefruit oil is ideal for aging skin looking for rejuvenation.

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    Wow, great info. I tried to purchase ance cream a few gays ago. Couldn’t find anything worthwhile.I’m oing to try this!!! Thanks!!

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