Essential Oils to Help You Quit Smoking

Essential Oils to Help You Quit Smoking

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Millions of people all over the world try and quit smoking every year. Reasons for quitting can vary from improving personal health, financial stability as the price of cigarettes continue to rise every year or even new mothers who have recently become pregnant. Sticking to your goal can be incredibly difficult. In fact, research shows less than ten percent of people who quit continue to stay away from cigarettes.

If you are someone who has tried for years to kick your smoking habit and want this year to be the year you finally do so, you should consider trying aromatherapy. Essential oils have a variety of uses and benefits and one of the biggest benefits is helping to relieve stress and anxiety which is one of the main reasons we tend to reach for a cigarette.

What Essential Oils Can Help You To Stop Smoking?

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper is not one of the most common essential oils, but limited research has shown that it could be quite useful in helping to reduce nicotine cravings. Maria Lis-Balchin released a book about a decade ago called Aromatherapy Science: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals.

In the book, Lis-Balchin quotes a study that determined inhaling black pepper essential oil mimics the effects of smoking by stimulating the respiratory system. Black pepper essential oil could also be beneficial because it reduces some of the side effects often associated with withdrawal from nicotine, such as nausea and anxiety.

Lavender Essential Oil

Another essential oil worth considering is lavender, which can be very useful when it comes to relieving anxiety and relaxing tension in your central nervous system. Lavender is also known to help treat respiratory problems, which can help your lungs recover once you quit smoking.

Additionally, lavender can:

  • Help prevent restlessness and insomnia
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce stress

“Energy” Essential Oil Blend

 One of the best essential oils blends available to help you quit smoking is Energy. When inhaled, this oil blend supports your respiratory system while also providing headache relief, both common symptoms when quitting smoking. Additionally, this blend can help improve energy levels and stimulate the mind.

If you’re feeling down or lethargic without nicotine, the Energy blend will likely help. You will notice feeling more alert and able to break through emotional blocks.

Ingredients in this blend include:

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Tangerine
  • Melissa
  • Rosewood

Essential Oils to Help You Quit Smoking

How to use Essential Oils to Help you Quit Smoking?

When browsing essential oil supplies, you’ll likely discover that you can use essential oils in various ways. For instance, some people choose to apply essential oils topically, while others opt for essential oil diffusers. If you are using essential oils to help you quit smoking, you’re most likely going to want to use a nebulizing diffuser.

Quality nebulizers will fill the air with essential oils without using heat or water. So, whenever you feel a cigarette craving coming on, you can turn your aromatherapy diffuser on to fill your home with nice smelling scents that will help you combat cravings.

A beginner’s aromatherapy diffuser costs less than $100. Because you are no longer purchasing expensive cigarettes, the aromatherapy diffuser will pay for itself quickly. The added benefit is your home, clothing and car will begin to smell of wonderful organic scents.

If you often smoke in your car on your daily commute there is a nebulizing diffuser that is perfect for this situation. The Mobile-Mini is a wireless, rechargeable battery operated diffuser that fits perfectly in your cars drink holder.

Have You Been Successful Using Essential Oils To Quit Smoking?

Are you someone who relied on essential oils to quit smoking? If so, we want to hear from you! We invite you to our comment section below, where you can share things such as the types of oil you used, how you used then, and the frequency in which you did so. Together, we can all use essential oils to live happier, healthier lives!

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Essential Oils to Help You Quit Smoking

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  1. Thanks for the great article! I’ve been hearing about using FUM together with essential oils for quitting smoking, has anyone else heard about this?

  2. It would be interesting to find out if this realy helps as I need actual facts to show my husband as he makes so many excuses not to stop smoking. It makes me so mad because he said that Iif I stopped smoking, then so would he. He still hasn;t and I gave up 4 years ago

  3. I would love to try these essential oils to help me quit smoking I have tried so many other things and nothing else has worked. Thank you for the opportunity to win ?

  4. I would love to introduce my mother to this. She is trying to quit smoking but has been struggling with it. It seems like none of the medications over the counter or the ones prescribed by her doctors are as effective.

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