Insight Into The Multiple Uses Of Orange Essential Oil

Insight Into The Multiple Uses of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is also commonly referred to as sweet orange essential oil. This oil has been used traditionally for thousands of years for a multitude of health and wellness benefits. This sweet smelling oil is extracted from the sweet orange tree. The orange tree belongs to the citrus family and to this end, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and others are related. Some experts suggest that the sweet orange tree is native to China. The trees do not grow in the wild but have been propagated to suit many climates including tropical and subtropical areas. Therefore, you will find orange trees in every continent. These oranges have distinct characteristics based on their classification.

How Orange Oil is Extracted

Sweet orange oil is extracted from the peel or rind of a fresh orange fruit. This part holds potent fatty oil glands where the oil is extracted from. Deriving the oil starts by separating the rind from the fruit whereby the peels are ground, chopped or punctured to aid pressing. The most common and effective method of extracting this oil is through cold pressing. Heat is not used in the process; ensuring that vital ingredients and components are not destroyed. There are many methods of extraction including centrifugation. This is where orange juice and the oil are separated after the whole fruit is squeezed.

Chemical Components of Orange Essential Oil

Before looking at the many uses of sweet orange oil, it is important to understand the active chemical ingredients or components. The oil constituents include limonene, monoterpene hydrocarbons, alcohols and aldehydes. Below is a closer look at the elements and their benefits.


This is a natural alcohol that is a sedative, analgesic, anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant.


This is another alcohol that is an analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant.


This chemical has been observed to be an appetite suppressant, detoxicant, digestive, stimulant and antioxidant.


This is an alcohol that is anti fungal, anti viral, antispasmodic, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti convulsant, antimicrobial and sedative.

Monoterpene Hydrocarbons

β- Myrcene and α-Pinene are the constituents that fall under this category. The former is a well known anti inflammatory, anti biotic, sedative and analgesic. The latter is an expectorant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator.

Insight Into The Multiple Uses Of Orange Essential Oil

Top Uses of Orange Essential Oil

From aromatherapy to deodorants and skincare, this oil has a wide variety of uses. Below is a general breakdown of how this citrusy oil can improve your health and wellness naturally.

1. Aromatherapy

Sweet orange essential oil aroma is uplifting and energizing. This fresh scent is no wonder a favorite when it comes to aromatherapy. The aroma is sedative to your senses and will leave you feeling relaxed. This mood lifting benefit makes it a favorite oil for anxiety and stress reduction. Diffusing just 6 drops in your space can transform your mind and leave you more alert. Tackle mental fatigue this way and enjoy digestive relief as well. If you are battling with nasal congestion, headache and even itchiness, inhaling this sweet oil will make a big difference. Just make sure to get high quality orange essential oil and a good diffuser to enjoy the full aromatherapy benefits.

2. Natural Skincare

The cosmetic uses of orange oil are endless; it has excellent components that leave your skin looking vibrant and radiant. If you suffer from conditions like eczema, acne, dark spots and aging skin, this oil is the perfect natural remedy. The oil is a potent moisturizer when added to a good carrier oil. You can use 2 drops of orange essential oil with 3 teaspoons of olive, coconut, jojoba or other carrier oil to create a winning moisturizer. Using this lotion on your skin will boost collagen, brighten your complexion and tackle most skin disorders mentioned. You can also choose to enhance the lotion further by adding frankincense essential oil and tea tree oil to provide healing benefits for skin. Other excellent blends that can transform your skincare are adding geranium or cinnamon essential oils to orange oil. Overall, you reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles while promoting healthy looking beautiful skin.

3. Natural Haircare

The most common problems in hair and scalp care are dandruff, itchiness and overall dryness. Orange essential oil mixed with honey can tackle these issues effectively to your delight. The blend not only adds moisture to your hair and scalp; but it kills bacteria as well. The remedy does not stripe natural hair oils; maintaining your scalp’s pH. You can also use orange oil to make a healing shampoo as well. Adding a few drops of lemon to raw honey and 5 drops of orange oil makes for a natural shampoo that transforms your hair and scalp.

4. Pain Relief

A study conducted in 2017 featuring people dealing with bone fractures revealed that inhaling orange essential oil helped in dealing with pain. A group of people who did not use this essential oil reported more pain. Therefore, you can get natural relief if you are grappling with injuries of all kinds. According to studies, this oil is excellent for dealing with short-term pain.

5. Weight Loss

Recent studies done in 2019 revealed that orange essential oil can help you lose weight. Inhaling the oil can suppress your appetite leading to less consumption of calories. Adding this strategy to your weight loss plans can make a world of difference. The oil can also improve your exercise performance leading to enhanced weight loss.


There is no question that orange essential oil is one of the most beneficial oils for health and wellness. To enjoy the best results however, always dilute the oil before applying topically. Always keep essential oils away from the reach of children and pets. When pregnant and lactating, seek medical advice before using essential oils. When making blends at home, take time to see what works best with orange oil; take necessary precaution for safety and always use recommended doses only. Essential oil safety is critical to ensure proper use and the best outcome possible.

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Insight Into The Multiple Uses Of Orange Essential Oil

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