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Prevent Zika Virus With Citronella Essential Oil

Posted on July 21, 2017 by Chad Pegura | 0 comments

 Prevent Zika Virus with Citronella Essential Oil

What is Zika Virus?

If you haven't heard of the Zika virus, here's the sitch: Zika is spread mostly by the bite of an infected mosquito, and there is no vaccine or medicine currently available for it. It can be transmitted by sexual contact, as well as from an expecting mother to her unborn child, and many people with this virus either won't have symptoms, or will only have mild symptoms.

The Known Symptoms of Zika Virus Are:

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis (red eyes)
  • Muscle pain, and

These symptoms can last several days to a week, and most people don't usually get sick enough to go to the hospital. The good news is this: Once you've been infected once, you won't likely get it again – a lot like chicken pocks. And citronella essential oil can help you prevent getting it all together.

You may be wondering: How can citronella essential oil help keep me safe from the Zika virus? The answer is simple – citronella is extracted from several types of lemongrass, and is an ingredient commonly used in insect repellent ointments and candles, and is an ingredient which is particularly useful against mosquitoes. You can grow citronella right in your garden to keep them away...or you could mix your own home-made essential oil bug spray to use on yourself. It's simple, smells amazing, natural, and works like a charm!

Because I know some people aren't too crafty when it comes to mixing oils together, I've taken the liberty of putting a few together for you, so you can make your own DIY bug spray to protect against pesky mosquitoes and the viruses they may carry. Each will use a few different essential oils which are good for pest repelling, but citronella will be the star in them all!

DIY Bug Spray


DIY Bug Spray

This recipe calls for:

  • 14 oz Witch Hazel
  • 2 tsp Citronella Essential Oil
  • 2 tsp Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 2 tsp Lemongrass Essential Oil

All essential oils can be found on our website, and the Witch Hazel can be purchased at your local drugstore, megamart, or on some online retailers, such as Amazon. To make this homemade bug spray, you will need to mix the ingredients together, shake well, and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle of your choosing. If you're wanting to keep it for longer than a couple of months, a glass bottle is best – or you may halve the recipe – and be sure to shake it well before each use!

DIY Citronella Candles

DIY Citronella Candles

For this recipe, you can easily re-use common household objects to store the candle in, such as jars from previous candles, metal containers (aluminum cans from canned goods, etc.), and even wax from candles which haven't quite melted down all the way yet. These are a great way to offset the cost of making them a little bit, and create quite a homey atmosphere, if I do say so myself.

The ingredients listed are measured for about 3 3"x4" candles. To make these, you will need:

  • 1 Double boiler (a pan and a glass bowl does nicely)
  • Water
  • Cans/Small Buckets/Glass Containers
  • 1 lb Wax (Beeswax, Soy wax, or recycled old candles
  • 1 cup of Palm or Coconut oil
  • Wicks (You can find these at your local crafts store)
  • Citronella Essential Oil (1 oz per 1 lb of wax)
  • Additional scents – optional
  • Wick stickers (or a hot glue gun)
  • Tape, pencils, straw, or chopsticks (helps to hold the wick up straight while the candle sets – also optional.

To make these, you will need to pre-heat the oven to its lowest setting, and melt the wax in your double-boiler in the meantime. This takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what type of wax you used, and when it's melted, turn the oven off. Once that's finished, you'll go about adding the coconut or palm oil, allowing it to melt fully – then you can add the citronella oil. Stir well!

Place your wick in the center on the bottom of your chosen container and carefully pour a couple of tablespoons of the wax in. As it's cooling, you'll want to push the wick towards the bottom of the container so it sets in the right place. As the wax cools, it will get cloudy. Once it cools, you're done! Burn those babies and keep those pesky pests away!

Nebulizing Diffuser to Keep Mosquitos Away

Another great way to keep mosquitoes away is to use a nebulizing diffuser. Nebulizers use only pure essential oil which makes the scent very strong and powerful deterring any mozzies from getting near.

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