Do Essential Oils Keep Spiders Away

Do Essential Oils Keep Spiders Away?

Your home is your family’s refuge from the world, and keeping it in top condition is important for anyone. And for many, pest control is something that matters in a big way. Spiders, for example, are something that most will recoil from. And while the reality is that without spiders in the world, we’d be overrun by other insects that are far more of a danger to us, most don’t really want to live alongside hundreds of arachnids throughout the year.

Use Essential Oils to Keep Spiders Away

Because of this, keeping spiders out of the home or at the very least out of your living spaces is important. There are plenty of ways to manage pests within the home and in particular spiders, but one that is often overlooked is the use of essential oils. Believe it or not, they could be the best solution to this problem and are certainly one that deserves some attention.

The Benefits Of Natural Pest Management

It’s no secret why keeping pests like spiders out of the home is so important. While most in America aren’t harmful to humans, a minor bite may still itch quite a bit. And just seeing them is enough for some people to feel fear, while serious spider problems can make it hard to really feel like your home is your own to relax in.

But controlling them with harsh chemicals and poisons isn’t always a great option. Doing so brings numerous issues including:

  • Potential harm to pets, children, and adults living in the home when exposed to poisons
  • Potential for food contamination
  • Foul chemical smells
  • High financial costs

In some instances you may even have to pay pest control teams to visit the home on a regular basis, spraying their chemicals to ward off the spiders. But there’s a better way. You have the option of using essential oils to keep spiders away, and doing so lets you avoid the risk of harming your family or contaminating your food and also allows you to enjoy a pleasant scent that can even have an impact on mental health through aromatherapy. In short, trying the natural spider prevention methods is something that makes sense.

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

The short answer is simple – yes, essential oils can really work to keep spiders away. The key is understanding that unlike harsh chemicals and pesticides, essential oils aren’t going to kill the critters. Instead, their scent and composition repels them and keeps them outside of the areas that you treat.

Because of this, some people assume that the oils aren’t really working. After all, you may head into the attic and see a spider, then assume that the oils aren’t doing their job. Essential oils will help keep spiders out of certain areas – and out of your way. As such, they’re a perfect way to coexist with nature’s pest controllers. Let the spiders live to kill other bugs, but keep them out of living spaces.

Using Essential Oil To Keep Spiders Away

Spray Bottle Method

In order to use essential oils to ward off spiders, you’ll want to follow a few basic steps. First, add 5 to 10 drops of the appropriate oil to a 16 ounce spray bottle and then fill about 7/8 of the way full. Then, add just a squirt of dish soap and shake the mixture to blend properly. Then, just spray the formula around the edges of rooms, corners near ceilings, and anywhere else you want to prevent spiders from appearing.

Nebulizing Diffuser™

Nebulizing diffusers are perfect for repelling insects. They are strong and powerful and only send pure essential oil particles into the air. They don’t use heat or water which alters and dilutes the essential oils. Another great thing about using an oil nebulizer is the fact that it is easy to combine different essential oils at the same time.

Of course, the right oils make all the difference, and there are certain oils that will work better than others. If you want to get the best results, here are the right oils to think about using:

  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Any Citrus Oil
  • Lavender
  • Neem

Each of these oils is known for their antiseptic properties and are regularly used for cleaning and disinfecting the home. But they also all have strong, recognizable scents that can be highly effective at repelling spiders as well as other pests like ants. And that same aroma can help brighten up any room of the home.

It’s important to keep in mind that these kinds of treatment aren’t a magic bullet that will work overnight. Instead, you’ll want to spray daily or at least every other day until you establish a spider free area. Then, reapplying once a week should be enough to keep the spiders away.

Trusting in nature is something that can provide big benefits to your home and your health. As such, it’s well worth taking the time to look into what these essential oils can do to prevent spiders. You’ll avoid the harsh chemical sand the potential damage that they can do, and turn your home into a spider free zone naturally.

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  1. You have to be very careful with essential oils around specifically – cats. Cats are very badly affected by some oils, most notably, eucalyptus. Cats have died by being exposed to diffused eucalyptus. When I treat my kitchen, I put the furbabies in the bathroom for a few hours until the smell has dissipated.

  2. Hey everybody . I hate spiders
    Like o would rather run into a bear in the woods than into a spider.
    That said I’ve found a concoction using the above ingredients. It goes as follows
    30 drops of Tea Tree Oil
    30 drops of Cedar Oil
    15-20 drops Peppermint Oil
    10 drops of Rosemary Oil
    10 drops Lemon Eucalyptus
    10 drops Citris (orange peel) oil
    3-5 drops of dish soap (covers exoskeleton and suffocates spiders,wasps, yellow jackets etc.
    1 shot of moonshine or store bought rubbing alcohol.
    1-2 cups of vinegar

    As much vinegar as you can handle spraying in and outside your crevices and crannys.
    More the better, spiders hate vinegar and do not want to habit anything which smells of it.

    I just sprayed outside my house and inside along every baseboard corners of room and windows and I just seen a ginormous grey wolf spider on my front porch .
    I’m a grown man but I scream like a 10 year old girl when I stumble upon those F’ers

  3. i’m going to hatti on a mission trip this fall/ winter way up in the mountains with a large group:) i’m very curious about what i can use for young living oils on me and around me for SPIDERS!!!! and mosquitoes .
    Thank you any one for any advise👏🏻

  4. Since I’ve been using essential oils for my depression and anxiety, I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen spiders in my bedroom or my kitchen where I spend most of my time! I use these oils in a diffuser: lavender, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, chamomile, bergamot, frankincense, and myrrh. This is just anecdotall. My depression and anxiety also seem better. I’m just new to this so you know I’m not an expert!

  5. I read on line that essential oils definitely work to deter spiders and bluebottle flies, I’ve tried citronella, that didn’t work, I’ve sprayed eucalyptus outside my doors/windows and within 10 mins bluebottles were landing on window sills and back door, so these have not worked for me.


    Here is a great resource for pet owners that want to use essential oils in their home.

  7. @ Trixie

    I’ve read that many essential oils, including citrus, peppermint, cedar, and more… Are so harmful to cats and dogs that even smelling them can cause significant issues (and cause death at worst). Getting them on their skin or even eating them are worse, and can even quickly kill apparently!

    Their livers apparently can’t handle them, even if it’s just in the air.

    Most essential oils are highly toxic to them it seems. So, it’s probably a bad idea to use these I’d you have pets.

  8. I have 3 cats and they love to sit in the window area, which sadly enough there r some type of lil critters that live within the window area’s along with spider’s all along the heater vents and I’ve found 2 egg nests so far and we just moved in here 2 weeks ago!
    I am amped to try this out but wonder if it may affect my cats in any way.
    I have a younger kitty that’s 5 months, 10 months old and 5 years old cat,if that’s makes a difference.
    Any help would really be helpful please!
    Thank u in advance, VERY much appreciated! I hear my daughter’s screams nearly daily lol

  9. I need something to spray around the inside of my pool. Will the spray method above work for that? Also, do I use all five or can I use just one?

  10. I hate spiders!!! I love essential oils but I don’t know if I would have the patience to wait for the essential oils to start working…

  11. Spiders and I have an agreement: They don’t bother me and I won’t bother them.
    I do like using EOs against ants which I don’t want in my house.

  12. I have a TON of spiders in my house. I swear they all just had their babies so I’m getting all sizes too. I also have these tiny hard-shelled insects that like my warm walls when the sun is shining on that side of our house. I diffuse every day in my family room. Last night I sprayed a lavender/peppermint combo in the bathroom where the spiders really like to hang out and I haven’t seen any today! Amazing! Love EOs 😉

  13. I just might be the odd one out BUT I want spiders in my home, they eat the bugs that I believe are worse. However, I diffuse EO’s everyday all day and they 100% work for mosquitoes and the like. I do notice that the mint with Eucalyptus works best.

  14. Yuck spiders!, but at least its an excuse to make the house smell good! I love smell of all of these oils, I have never neem though..

  15. So am curious if anyone has tried this yet… I would be nervous to put this around the ceiling, I have had bad experiences with oils staining my wall.

  16. So I am Curious, when do you switch from doing it every other day to once a week? I don’t really see spiders that often but I have read that you are never for than 5 feet away from a spider at all times so how do you really know when it starts working?

  17. great article. I use tea tree and peppermint oils mixed with water in spray bottles but not on spiders (I like the little spiders I have here and appreciate them). I mainly use it to discourage ants to come in my kitchen.

  18. So I am assuming since it is only suppose to repeal the bugs that it does not harm them, while I don’t want spiders in my house would definitely like to be sure they eat up all of the other bugs that might try to find there way into my home, lol.

  19. I love all of your information on using Essential Oils, and no bugs and spiders is a wish of mine, so I have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Having Pets I am always concerned about using using pest control products to ensure that my home stays bug free. now I am going to be on the lookout for a bug so I can try this!

  21. Great information regarding essential oils and how to use them to get rid of spiders. I have them around my windows and will be trying the recipes for keeping them away. I’m glad I read this blog and appreciate the information you provide for us. Thank you for sharing such great ideas and helping others!

  22. Where I used to live I got spiders most of them were granddaddy long legs and they are ok. But the big spiders I would chase them down with hairspray. And yes hairspray coats them and they cannot run. Today I live in a senior high rise where the bug man comes and sprays every months so NO BUGS/SPIDERS for me. BUT my nieces gets a lot and I will be sharing with her.

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