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Nebulizing Diffusers

Essential Oils and Sleep: How to Heal Your Sleep Cycle Naturally

Essential oils have become a mainstay in the modern world as a means of improving overall health. One of the most common ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them into the air. This allows the oils to be absorbed through the lungs, which can provide a host of benefits, including improved sleep.

Guide to Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Guide to Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

The right essential oils used at the right stage of pregnancy can make a difference. However, it all starts with getting the right aromatherapy diffuser and…

How Long Should Essential Oils Be Diffused? 

How Long Should Essential Oils Be Diffused

Choosing the right diffuser is the first step to fully optimizing your essential oil experience. A nebulizing diffuser is the best kind in the…

99 Reasons You Should Diffuse Essential Oils

99 Reasons You Should Diffuser Essential Oils

Benefits of diffusing essential oils are undeniable, but if you’re still skeptical about the abilities of essential oils to promote health and overall well-being, here are…

5 Reasons To Choose A Nebulizing Diffuser

5 Reasons to Choose a Nebulizing Diffuser

You may have heard of heat diffusers and the more popular ultrasonic diffusers. Those types of diffusers are quite common, but what most aromatherapy newbies do not know is that there is a better, more efficient kind of diffuser – the nebulizing diffuser