5 Reasons to Choose a Nebulizing Diffuser

5 Reasons To Choose A Nebulizing Diffuser

You may have heard of heat diffusers and the more popular ultrasonic diffusers. Those types of diffusers are quite common, but what most aromatherapy newbies do not know is that there is a better, more efficient kind of diffuser—the nebulizing diffuser. Read on to learn more about this innovative diffuser and why you should choose it for your home.

What Is A Nebulizing Diffuser And How Does It Work?

A nebulizing diffuser uses pressurized air instead of heat or water to diffuse essential oils. It is made specifically to optimize the benefits of essential oils. More specifically, the nebulizing diffuser uses Bernoulli’s Principle to turn essential oils into microparticles and push them out into the air. The result is an undiluted, fragrant, waterless mist of essential oil.

5 Reasons To Use A Nebulizing Diffuser

1 – Make The Most Of Your Favorite Essential Oils

If you want to experience the full effects of essential oils, then you will love the nebulizing diffuser because it releases essential oils without altering them in any way. That means you get the complete benefits that your favorite essential oils offer.

2 – Highly Efficient

The nebulizing diffuser is a highly efficient machine. It uses very little electricity, yet is capable of dispersing essential oil throughout a large area in a short span of time. The cool mist, water-less technology preserves the integrity of the pure essential oil’s which helps create a strong and natural scent. You will be able to enjoy the aroma of any essential oil with just a few drops and within a short amount of time.

3 – Say Goodbye Buzzing Sounds

The design of the nebulizing diffuser takes into account people’s top reasons for using a diffuser: for better focus while working or studying and for better sleep. Because of that, the nebulizing diffuser is as quiet as can be. You will not hear the swirling sound of water or the buzzing of a running motor. You can work without distraction or sleep peacefully.

4 – No Plastic Involved

Few people are aware of this, but because essential oils are highly potent, they are capable of eating away at plastic. This means that if you use a diffuser made from plastic, that material will combine with the essential oils you use, and the resulting mixture will be dispersed into the air. The nebulizing diffuser removes this risk completely because it is made of wood and glass. These high-quality materials can withstand the potency of essential oils.

5 – Get The Benefits Of Essential Oils In Style

Organic Aroma’s Nebulizing Diffusers are handcrafted using real plantation hardwood and hand-blown glass. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from, so you will definitely find one that suits the interior of your home. Purify the air in your home in the most stylish way possible.

5 Reasons To Choose A Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizing Diffusers Versus Other Types Of Methods

1 – Passive Diffusion

Essential oils evaporate naturally, so it is possible to benefit from them using only cotton, tissue rolls, or even pine cones. To do this, simply add a few drops of essential oil on any of those items and leave them as they are. As the essential oil evaporates, you will be able to inhale them.
Passive diffusion is not as powerful as a nebulizing diffuser. When allowed to evaporate on their own, essential oils do not give off a strong scent. Furthermore, they tend to evaporate faster when left exposed, so their scent fades away faster than if you use a diffuser. Although you will not spend on a diffuser, you will end up spending much more on essential oils.

2 – Ultrasonic Diffuser

This is one of the most popular ways to diffuse essential oils. It uses ultrasonic frequencies and water to release essential oils in the form of a fine mist. Ultrasonic diffusers are effective at dispersing essential oils in a small space. However, water dilutes essential oils, so their scent and therapeutic effects become less potent.
The ultrasonic diffuser falls short against the nebulizing diffuser in terms of efficiency. Ultrasonic diffusers tend to disperse essential oils at a much slower rate because they diffuse diluted versions of essential oils.

3 – Heat Diffusers And Candle Diffusers

While the heat source of these two types of diffusers differs, their mechanisms are the same. They use heat to disperse essential oils into the air. However, this method is not advisable for those who want to get the full benefits of essential oils.
Heat alters the essential oils at the chemical level, which limits their effectiveness. While this method can disperse the scent of essential oils quite well, it compromises their health benefits. Similar to the ultrasonic diffuser, heat diffusers deliver a weaker version of the essential oils. If you want to get the most out of your essential oils, you should choose a nebulizing diffuser instead.

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5 Reasons To Choose A Nebulizing Diffuser

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  1. I love this diffusers, I have two already. But I must say that the do make a buzzing noise, especially after a few moths. So that reason I cannot agree on. But for the rest, top of the bil!

  2. I always research my purchases thoroughly, to ensure that they are environmentally friendly, healthy, provide the best bang for my buck and will last a long time. It quickly became evident to me that these nebulizing diffusers leave the rest of the competition in the dust.

  3. I have been a loyal OA customer for years and just can’t say enough good things about their products — from their oils to their diffusers. I have purchased at least 5 diffusers over the course of 4 years or so, and I get nothing but compliments from family and friends. Lastly, the customer service from this company is phenomenal. 🙂

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