Aroma – A Game of Essence | New Essential Oil Based Board Game

Organic Aromas New Essential Oil Based Board Game - Aroma Game of Essence

Essentials oils are fantastic each with their own extremely distinct scents, differing notes and individual character. Each one offers a unique aroma that is distinguishable even when combined with other essential oils. Some are quite easy to identify, while others can be particularly challenging. One thing is for sure, essential oils are pleasant to smell no matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing. 

If you are like us and just cannot get enough of them, Organic Aromas has devised a new way for you to enjoy them. Unique and one-of-a-kind, Organic Aromas has introduced a fun and relaxing new board game for adults that involve your favorite essential oils. It is called Aroma™ – a Game of Essence.

What Is Aroma™ All About?

Featuring 20 essential oils equally divided between florals, citrus, plants, and trees, Aroma™ will test your knowledge of essential oils. Each essential oil is blended with carrier oils and is stored in a 2 ml glass roller ball bottle labeled with a number at the bottom corresponding to the master list. The solution is 25% essential oil, which is a high concentration. This ratio is intended to make the Aroma™ stronger and easier to smell for each player, but it is not ideal for skin application. Don’t worry, though—the product comes with paper test strips, so you can apply the essential oils there or sniff them straight from the bottle.

Aroma™ is not your usual board game. There is nothing like it anywhere on the market. It is an amalgamation of all the best aspects of board games: it requires brainpower and strategies, involves time pressure, and promotes the right amount of competition. 

There are four different gameplays that up to four players at a time can try. Each participant’s goal is to be the first to identify as many essential oils as they can. Aroma™ is all about having a strong sense of smell, a sharp memory, and quick wit. How many essential oils can you identify and how fast?

Aroma - A Game of Essence | New Essential Oil Based Board Game

How To Play Aroma™

There are four ways to play Aroma™: Discover, Survive, Revolve, and Collect. The package comes with a four-piece, double-sided board; 20 x 2ml essential oils; oil racks; cards with the aroma’s names; and a master list of aromas, category pieces, and wooden cubes. To play each of the games, you need to arrange the board game in a specific way and use the corresponding pieces in a particular fashion. Here is how you should play each of them.


In Discover, the aim is to identify the five aromas from your category of scents before anyone else. This is a game of memory and speed. For this, the side of the board containing the names of scents will be used. Each player takes turns sniffing one essential oil from their category and attempting to identify it. If they do so correctly, they get a point. Each point is recorded by placing a wooden cube in the corresponding name. There is, however, an exciting twist to this game. Find out what it is when you get your set!


Think of Survive as the opposite of Discover. The goal here is to identify the aromas of the other players before they can identify yours. The last person to have unidentified aromas is the Survivor. To play Survivor, use the side of the board with colorful, rectangular boxes.


Revolve is a fast-paced game. Your objective is to identify as many aromas as you can. However, you cannot take your time to smell each essential oil. The players will smell one bottle just one time, pass it around, and then attempt to identify it based on their memory. With every aroma identified, the player places the name of the essential oil on the board. This serves as the point system of the game. The person with the most correct guesses—the first to reach the edge of the circle—is crowned the winner. How quickly can you identify aromas?


Collect is the most complex game in Aroma™, and it may take the longest to play. The goal is to find and bring home all the aromas that belong in your category. To play Collect, each player is assigned a category along with a random set of aromas. Each player picks one aroma from another player and guesses what it is. If their answer is correct and the essential oil is from their own category, they get to bring it home. The first person to do so for all the aromas from their category is the winner.

The Aroma™ board game is comprised of four different types of games, each engaging your sense of smell and familiarity with aromas. You can play it with friends and family all day being entertained from start to finish.

Who Would Enjoy Aroma™? 

Aroma™ is a fun and distinctive board game made not only for those who love aromatherapy, but for seasoned gamers and first-timers alike! It is a great way to test your and your friends’ knowledge of essential oils and to also hone your sense of smell. This will also amplify your appreciation for essential oils and aromatherapy. You may think some of the essential oils in Aroma™ are not one of your current favorites, but smelling them during the game could easily change your opinion. You may also think you really know your essential oils, just to find out how wrong you were!

Aroma™ is certain to be a staple among those whole love wonderful fragrances. If you have not thought of a gift for your friends or loved ones who, like you, love aromatherapy, Aroma™ is the perfect Christmas, birthday, or housewarming present. It is guaranteed to bring the laughs and to liven up any party, event or gathering.

Are you excited to try this board game? Get yours now on Organic Aromas’ website!

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Aroma - A Game of Essence | New Essential Oil Based Board Game


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  1. Helen S says:

    My partner has been educating me on essential oils and blending and this would be perfect to put me to the test; there’s so many essential oils and I am learning every day what blends well. This game is so unusual and I’m sure would help me too..

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