Natural Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is caused when the pressure on the arteries and blood vessels become distorted, which causes extra strain on the heart. Exposure to this condition long-term increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes in individuals, and more often than not, there are no symptoms as blood pressure actually increases. However, there are a few warning signs you can look out for in regards to very high blood pressure, including:

  • Chest pains
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Ear buzzing/ringing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nosebleeds
  • Tiredness, or
  • Changes in vision

Ranges in blood pressure include:

  • Normal: Less than 120/80
  • Pre-hypertension: 120-139/80-89
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure: 140-159/90-99
  • State 2 high blood pressure: 160 and above/100 and above

How Can High Blood Pressure be Controlled?

There are a few changes you can make to help improve high blood pressure, including changes in diet, use of certain supplements long-term, changes in lifestyle, and finally, essential oils.

Change your Diet

To treat high blood pressure by making changes in your diet, you will need to avoid any foods high in sodium, trans-fats and omega-6 fats, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. These foods are known to raise blood pressure, increase inflammation, increase blood pressure, and narrow the arteries. Instead, you can switch to a diet consisting in foods which are high in fiber and potassium, low in sodium, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as dark chocolate, as these foods are known to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

When it comes to supplements, it’s sort of similar to changing the foods you’re eating, but is more helpful in getting the proper intake of vitamins and minerals you may not get enough of through your diet. These include fish oil (1,000-2,000 mg daily), magnesium (500 mg before bed), CoQ10 (100-300 mg daily), Potassium (not recommended in high doses unless otherwise directed by a doctor), and garlic (600 mg aged extract). Fish oil helps to reduce blood pressure and inflammation when taken long term; Magnesium helps with the relaxation of muscles and reduces blood pressure; CoQ10 is a natural chemical we produce that depletes as we age; Garlic helps to lower blood pressure and relax muscles.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Our often hectic, day to day lives may also have an effect on our blood pressure, and reducing stress can help to lower our blood pressure back down to normal levels. Some ways to reduce everyday stress include:

  • Getting better sleep
  • Scheduling more free time and fun for yourself
  • Surrounding yourself with encouraging people, instead of stressful ones
  • Daily exercise

 Essential Oil Blend For High Blood Pressure by Organic Aromas

How Essential Oils Can Help High Blood Pressure

Essential oils work to lower blood pressure in a few different ways, and these are meant to be used in conjunction with the previously mentioned life changes.

The most effective way to use essential oils is to diffuse them using a Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser. A nebulizer releases the oils into the air in their purest and undiluted form providing you with maximum therapeutic benefits. Click to see how it works.

Using lavender essential oils in aromatherapy helps to balance the emotions and soothe the body, ultimately bringing balance to the nervous system. Exposure to the scent of this essential oil triggers positive mental energy to soothe stressed behaviors, ultimately lowering high blood pressure.

Inhaling the aromas of sweet marjoram and ylang ylang essential oils helps to relieve lethargy, nervous exhaustion and can be used to uplift the body by calming overthinking and inducing relaxation. While sweet marjoram is good for these things, ylang ylang essential oil is also a helpful sleep aid.

You can also blend essential oils! For high blood pressure, it’s especially recommended to mix 1 drop of lavender, 1 drop of ylang ylang, and 1 drop of bergamot; conversely, you can also mix 1 drop of lavender, frankincense, and sweet marjoram for an equal effect.

Essential oils may also be used in salves to rub over certain areas of the body, such as the heart, between the fingers, and on the soles of the feet. This can be done by mixing your essential oils into a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil, simmering the mixture in boiling water until the contents dissolve, and letting it cool.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure By Organic Aromas


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 Essential Oil Recipe For High Blood Pressure

26 thoughts on “Natural Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

  1. Tarah says:

    I take one drop of Vetiver under my tongue daily. Helps tremendously with my severe anxiety!!! I’ve never used anything in my life that has helped the way Vetiver has. I would not recommend using any other oils than dōTERRA essential oils, they are the most pure.

  2. Carol Jay says:

    My son suffers from anxiety, I’m trying to get him in to oils. What do you suggest he take. Can I get them from you or can you suggest where I can get them. Thank you !!

  3. gloria patterson says:

    so far I am lucky and don’t have this problem……….but I do believe that it will help others with this……… have passed this on

  4. Frances Cordeiro says:

    Very informative article. I will definately be diffusing the high blood pressure blend tonight in my Radiance diffuser.

  5. Heather! says:

    This is great info for my husband! He has been working on lowering his high blood pressure, and he has managed to get it down to a normal range, but only with medication (along with exercise and diet). He’d love to be able to cut out the medicines, so maybe there are some alternatives here that would work for him!

  6. Cat says:

    I know someone who is dealing with high blood pressure at the moment. So this is great information to share. Need to stock up on some oils now! Thanks a ton!

  7. Elizabeth Clarke says:

    I received my teardrop oil diffuser yesterday. What an absolutely beautiful product! Looking forward to the health benefits associated with using it. Kindest regards!

  8. Michelle Viz says:

    I love lavender’s scent! What great information to know and share with friends and family 🙂 this sounds like it would help me relax after a long day. Thanks for this article!!

  9. Cathy Bouldry says:

    I LOVE this post. I was not sure how to use the oils for High BP. I have seriously high BP much of time, mostly due to lack of sleep, and not taking enough “me” time. ( What is “me” time?! LOL.. I know.. just lax in accomplishing it.) I have been known to carry everyone else’s burdens.. I love lavender, when it is not too highly concentrated. And ws so surprised to see that when added to lavender, yland ylang and bergamot – two of my absolute fave aromas- help to reduce BP in some people! Cannot wait to try!

  10. Maikayla Vizcarra says:

    Wow! Really interesting read. I loved this article and learned something completely new. I can’t wait to try this! ? I’m excited to try both the blends mentioned and see the difference in how I feel.

  11. Becky Dean says:

    I love the many, amazing uses for essential oils! They really are a gift from nature, that help to heal us and keep us healthy. Thanks for this wonderful article.

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