Safe and Natural Recipes to Get Rid of Ants

Safe and Natural Recipes to Get Rid of Ants

Finding out you have an ant problem at your home can be a big inconvenience. Not only are you battling the ants, but you’ve got to find the most effective solution to win that battle.

If you do not wish to expose your home to any chemicals that could prove to be toxic or harmful, then you’re probably on the search for a natural approach to ridding your home of these invasive pests.

The following are just a few simple, safe, and natural ant remedies you can make at home to get rid of the ants without the need for toxic pesticides:

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  1. The blog is very useful…keep posting.
    It was fascinating and insightful. Continue to share useful resources over these blogs…
    Thank you very much

  2. I use the vinegar/water solution for most general cleaning, but one of my tools in cleaning the bathroom is a stainless steel scrub . . . goodbye soap scum! 🙂

  3. These are great tips. I have pets so I hate using chemicals around them, yet, I don’t want pests like ants around. These tips will help keep my house free from pests without hurting my dog.

  4. Great tips I will definitely be trying these next summer we have 6 to 8 inches of snow right now so not really an ant problem but when summer comes they are awful and they are red ants that bite the kids I’m always looking for a better way to get rid of them without chemicals thank you so much for sharing

  5. I have used essential oils to get rid of ants, and it really worked. I can’t remember what kind of oil I used the last time I had the problem, but it stunk really bad… I like the idea of Cinnamon much better!!

  6. This is great info as I have had problems with ants in the past. I am going to try the powdered sugar with baking soda option if the ants become an issue.

  7. Love this list. Last time I used honey & borax(eek!). It worked, but my dogs also liked it. They ate it up, ants and all. Dogs were fine but I definitely cannot do that again.

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