Is a Waterless Diffuser Better? Let’s Examine the Facts

A waterless diffuser is an electronic device used to disperse essential oils into the air. It does not require water to function, which some people believe makes it a better option than traditional diffusers. There are a few things to consider before deciding if a waterless diffuser is right for you. Is a waterless diffuser better? Let’s examine the facts.

How Does a Waterless Diffuser Works

A good example of a waterless diffuser is the Nebulizing Diffuser. It works by breaking down the essential oils into tiny particles and dispersing them into the air. This type of diffuser doesn’t use heat or water, which helps to preserve the therapeutic properties of the oils. The Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas employs the Bernoulli’s Principle to vaporize the oils and pump them through a lead-free glass reservoir.

The biggest advantage of using a waterless diffuser is that it can fill a room full of scent much faster than other types of diffusers. The scent will also feel much stronger as the oil is undiluted.

Another big advantage to using a waterless diffuser is that they release tiny, concentrated oil particles into the air which means you receive more benefits from the essential oils.

waterless diffuser
Waterless Diffuser

What are the Benefits of Using a Waterless Diffuser?

There are several benefits to using a waterless diffuser, such as:

  1. In addition to enjoying a richer or stronger dose of essential oils, you access enhanced benefits because the oil is pure and undiluted compared to a water diffuser.
  2. If you live in a hot and humid environment, using a water diffuser will only add more humidity to the air. This undesirable effect can be countered by using a waterless diffuser.
  3. A water diffuser usually takes a long time to fill a room full of scent. On the contrary, a waterless diffuser acts quickly to fill a room with a strong and powerful aroma. Keep in mind that a waterless diffuser is more effective when used in larger rooms or spaces with elaborate floor plans.
  4. For dance studios or yoga venues, a waterless diffuser is ideal. Those who have large offices or commercial spaces will prefer to use the waterless diffuser.

Water Diffusers vs Waterless Diffusers

After examining waterless diffusers, let us consider their counterparts and how they compare.

What are Water Diffusers?

water diffuser
Water diffuser

There are two main types of water diffusers an ultrasonic water diffuser and a ceramic candle diffuser.

The ultrasonic diffuser works by a metal plate that is in the bottom of the plastic diffuser that shakes at a high frequency that causes the water to vaporize and mist and a fan blows this into the air.

A ceramic candle water diffuser works by heating up the water and releases the scent when the water evaporates. Since this way to diffuse essential oil uses water it distributes a very weak scent.

Water diffusers have a few advantages. For one, they tend to be more available in the market due to their low cost and are manufactured with cheap plastic materials. For people who want water or humidity added to their air, a water diffuser can be suitable.

However, water diffusers also have a number of disadvantages. For example, they require regular maintenance, such as adding water and cleaning the diffuser. They can also grow mold if left for periods of time. Additionally, the ceramic candle type can be dangerous if not used properly, as they can be accidentally knocked over and the exposed flame could start a fire.

Why a Waterless Diffuser is Better

Now that we’ve examined both water and waterless diffusers, let’s take a closer look at why a waterless diffuser is the better option.

  1. By design, a water diffuser is built to deliver a weak aroma. Because oil and water cannot mix, this hinders proper or effective diffusion, and this results in a weak scent that does not optimize the desired effect of aromatherapy.
  2. Most water diffusers are made using plastic or plastic elements. Because essential oils are highly potent, they corrode plastic and cause leeching of harmful toxins while diffusing. To this end, this kind of aromatherapy could become potentially harmful to people when diffused in the environment.
  3. Water diffusers that are not in use are the perfect breeding ground for microbes like bacteria and mold. If proper cleaning is not done, these toxic molecules will find their way into the air around you.
  4. Waterless diffusers are made using glass which makes off-gassing difficult. In essence, oils cannot corrode glass, making the scent free from toxins.
  5. Waterless diffusers like the nebulizing diffusers are decorative as well. These versatile aroma instruments will therefore add luxuriant styles to your mantle or other chosen location.
  6. Even though waterless diffusers are pricier, they can last years with proper maintenance and care. Water diffusers on the other hand are cheaper because they are made using cheap plastic materials that will quickly end up in a landfill which can be damaging to the environment. 
  7. Waterless diffusers usually employ replaceable glass reservoirs. This gives you the freedom to switch different styles and shapes to suit your decorative endeavors.
  8. There are varieties of waterless diffusers available in the market. Those that allow you to fix an oil bottle in the machine will tend to use oils at a much faster rate compared to a nebulizing diffuser.
three diffusers


Aromatherapy has been proven effective in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also improve your quality of sleep, as well as boost your energy levels and immune system. There are a variety of diffusers in the market, but we believe that waterless diffusers are the best option. They are safer, easier to use, and more effective. With constant or preemptive cleaning and care of the nebulizing diffuser it will perform in good condition always. . Don’t forget that waterless diffusers such as the Nebulizing Diffuser also come in excellent style and design options, making them perfect decorative pieces for use in any home, office, or even as a gift!

Organic Aromas can customize your diffuser with your company’s logo, desired image, message or occasional theme for that personalized feel. This waterless diffuser is not just functional but is an ornamental sentimental piece that adds value to your space.

186 thoughts on “Is a Waterless Diffuser Better? Let’s Examine the Facts

  1. Katherine Besaw says:

    I love my nebulizer, especially because the essentials oil used are not diluted and it’s very easy to. 10/10! The only difficulty is the cleaning process. You must use high quality essential oils otherwise it clogs becomes impossible to clean, even multiple deep cleans.

  2. Pamela Chambers says:

    I had no clue about waterless diffusers so this article was really helpful for me. Thank you! The cost is the only thing that will be an issue for me since we use 3 diffusers in our home.

  3. Jeanette Swift says:

    I’m Sold!! I have a water one which drives me up the wall filling it every day. I used to carry it to the sink for months until I realised why don’t I use a jug! However I love essential oils and after reading the pro’s I will be going out to buy one or two!

  4. Melissa Corcoran says:

    i would like to try a waterless diffusers, as they seem to offer more options that dont havae the need for the burdensome refilling the humidity adn i like that it puts out a more pure oil scent without it getting overheated or needing me to check it frequently. it saves time and money and is safer to use. since there is no heat or water involved. i hope to get one of those waterless diffusers in my area. ive been looking for a good device to use a mild choclate scented oil . it reminds me of Casino Rama. they use scents and aromas there as well. i find it is a comforting aroma that makes me feel safe and comfortable. good luck to everyone in the contest.

  5. Jamie Johnson says:

    Oh YAY!! Finally! I live down in the South, and it is ALWAYS so humid here that regular diffusers just make my home feel like a jungle! Finally! A solution that also increases the benefits of essential oils! And the fact that the smell will be stronger is another huge plus for me. This just went to the top of my wishlist! Thx!!

  6. Melanie says:

    I had no idea waterless diffusers were even a thing! But it seems like they’re the better option. Great article — super informational!

  7. Shelley Butcher says:

    Thank you for this informative article. One of my concerns with plastics is the problem of off-gassing. I really like that water-less diffusers utilize glass instead. Although more expensive, they’re definitely worth it.

  8. Hoosier T. says:

    Since purchasing a diffuser a few years ago, the thought to consider switching to a waterless diffuser had never crossed my mind, as I’d never before considered the existence of a waterless diffuser. I now have something to ponder over tonight. Thank you for this informative article!

  9. Mikita McWhite says:

    I’ve never heard of a waterless diffuser. I have a diffuser that’s collecting dust right now because I got tired of constantly having to refill it, and then the scent is never strong and then I would have to clean it out to keep it functioning properly. These waterless diffuser’s sound promising…I’d like to get one for sure.

  10. Mary Rodowicz says:

    I think a waterless defuser is the best choice for me because I’m looking for a weaker scent not one that’s strong and overpowering ,something like lavender next to the bed to help with stress and sleep and with no water I don’t have to worry about bacteria growing inside ! Love all the many beautiful diffusers and awesome scents ! @MaryRod43

  11. Crystal Marie Cañete says:

    I have a allergic rhinitis and it’s really a hustle to be feeling down early in the morning. Knowing this product makes me wanna try it. ✨

  12. Quin A. says:

    I didn’t know any of this! I always assumed diffusers with water were better for some reason so I’m glad I saw this before I bought one!

  13. Tawny Putman says:

    I didn’t even know there were waterless diffusers and I especially didn’t know that it can fill a room full of scent much faster than other types of diffusers, I need one!

  14. Penny LeBaron says:

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea that there were waterless diffusers and it makes sense that it is best for oils not to be broken down further.

  15. Sandy C. says:

    So much great info here! I had no idea that the differences between water and waterless diffusers were so important. Thanks for the explanations!

  16. Felicia Costin says:

    Very interesting! I never knew there was a waterless option. Love the fact there is no chance of mold. Will have to look into buying one soon!

  17. Cindi Knowles says:

    I have a both kind and love them both. The waterless one we use downstairs and the one with water we use when the kids are sick.

  18. Jonathan W says:

    I’d never heard of waterless diffusers! They sound like a better option to me, but I’d have to weigh the costs.

  19. Luis Mathews says:

    It is all about the effectiveness of spreading the scent so waterless diffusers are the winners IMO. Great article!

  20. Bamm Jackson says:

    I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages and that it is the person’s preference as to which they choose is better. Information here would make you choose the waterless one as the better one, but their prices can be the main leading factor to make you choose the water type.

  21. Scotty says:

    Thanks for the great article. More people need to learn these important facts as many just go with the cheaper diffusers, which usually means heat and\or water that will destroy our EO’s.

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