Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep

Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep

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Have you been having trouble sleeping lately? Have you been waking up feeling even more tired than the previous night? Adults, with all the stress they carry from day to day, often have difficulty falling asleep and achieving uninterrupted, restful sleep. Not having quality sleep is not good for your overall well-being. One of the most effective ways to promote sleep is aromatherapy. You can make an essential oil roller bottle for sleep at home.

The Importance Of Sleep

A good night’s sleep is important in maintaining one’s health and mental wellness. Here are some of the benefits of sleep:

  • It reduces stress. Sleep deficiency adds more stress to the body, but sufficient sleep helps keep stress at bay.
  • Sleep makes you more productive. A restful sleep will make you feel refreshed and energized the next day, so you can do more.
  • It improves memory. Sleep is an important recovery period for your brain. When you get adequate sleep, your brain functions better.

Recipe For Good Quality Sleep

The key to a sound sleep is not the number of sleeping hours but the ability of your mind and body to relax while during your slumber. You can achieve a blissful sleep by relaxing before bedtime and optimizing your bedroom’s environment for sleeping.

Here are some tips for a restful sleep:

  • Avoid using gadgets an hour before bedtime.
  • Relax an hour or two before bed (avoid stimulating activities).
  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark.
  • Set a bedtime schedule and follow it.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep Recipe

You may have heard of some essential oils that have relaxing abilities. These essential oils come in handy when you want to sleep well. This essential oil roller bottle for sleep uses some of the most relaxing essential oils available today—lavender, marjoram, patchouli, and ylang-ylang.

Here’s what you will need:

5 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of marjoram essential oil

3 drops of patchouli essential oil

3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil

10 drops of coconut oil

A funnel

A roller bottle


How to make an essential oil roller for sleep:

  1. Using the funnel, pour in the lavender, marjoram, patchouli, and ylang-ylang essential oils into the roller bottle. Stir the essential oils a little.
  2. Pour the coconut oil into the roller bottle and stir again.
  3. Place the roller cap onto the roller bottle.
Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep


Other Essential Oil Recipes For Sleep

Apart from the four essential oils used in the recipe above, there are a few select essential oils that promote relaxation and sleep. You can change up the recipe with these essential oils to better suit your scent preferences:

Geranium – Has a soothing floral scent that helps manage stress

Rose – Reduces stress and anxiety

Sandalwood – Offers calming and relaxing benefits

Frankincense – Minimizes stress and helps clear the mind

Lime – Has calming effects and promotes sleep, but for some, this essential oil is stimulating and energizing (see what effect it has on you first)

Organic Aromas’ Serenity essential oil blend is premixed with the right ratio of lavender, lime, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang.

Do Roller Bottles Work?

Essential oils work best through inhalation or aromatherapy. Organic Aromas’ nebulizing diffuser works great at delivering essential oil benefits because it does not dilute or alter the chemical composition of the essential oils. The essential oils reach the brain through the olfactory nerves in their purest form, so they are able to work well.

Essential oil roller bottles work in roughly the same way. Since they do not involve heat or water, the essential oils are not altered or diluted. With essential oil roller bottles, you apply the essential oil on pulse points and areas you can easily smell. The essential oils are delivered in two ways: through the bloodstream via pulse points and the olfactory nerves when you inhale the scent. Like the nebulizing diffuser, essential oil roller bottles deliver the full benefits of essential oils.

One important reminder when using essential oil roller bottles is to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil. Applying essential oils directly onto the skin will cause irritation. Carrier oils serve as a buffer between the skin and the essential oil, and it is also a facilitating agent to help the skin absorb essential oils. In our recipe, we used coconut essential oil, but jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil are also wonderful carrier oils to use for essential oil roll bottles.


Sleep is important in everyone’s life. The human body cannot function for long without sleep. However, it is sometimes not easy to fall into a deep sleep in the 21st century. Sometimes, you need a little help from essential oils. Visit Organic Aromas for more information about aromatherapy.

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Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep


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  1. I always appreciate how you give your customers such comprehensive advice on important areas of life. Quality sleep is so vital to well-being. And your tips in addition to using essential oils are important to follow as well (cool and dark room, etc.). Thank you so much!

  2. I would not have thought of this. I have used the diffuser at night but it runs empty. Using this approach the smell should last most of the night. I love all the different ways to use essential oils. Thank you.

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