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Remove Skin Tags Naturally with Essential Oils

Skin tags can have a big impact on our daily lives. In particular, they can reduce one’s overall sense of self-confidence and self-esteem and make it harder to feel good about oneself. Next to warts, they’re one of the most common types of skin-related issues that one can experience.

While things like visiting a doctor to have the skin tag removed or using different creams or other products to remove skin tags is an option, a better choice for many is to use natural remedies to treat skin tags. Essential oils are a perfect example, and they can help eliminate the unsightly skin tags and make it easier to feel good about your skin’s appearance.

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What are Skin Tags and how are they Caused?

Skin tags are small, benign tumors most commonly caused by groups of blood vessels that become trapped in a thicker piece of skin. They usually occur when two parts of the skin rub against one another causing friction. They are common in areas like the neck, the thighs, eyelids, or the groin area.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that underlying conditions may also increase the risk of skin tags – things like HPV or diabetes are often present when skin tags are an issue. No matter the cause, treating the skin tags is often done in one of two ways. Either a minor medical procedure is done to numb the affected area, and clip the tag away or chemicals are used to freeze the tag and it will fall off on its own.

Both can be painful and expensive, and neither is an option that most will work 100% of the time. But many have found there are better alternatives, including using natural things like using essential oils for skin.

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Removing Skin Tags Naturally with Essential Oils

It’s important to remember that skin tags in sensitive areas such as the skin folds, the groin and eyelids should always be treated by a medical professional.

Skin tags aren’t inherently dangerous, or harmful to your health. However, they can be annoying and if this is the case, treating skin tags by having them removed is something that can be done easily enough.

Essential oils may be a less painful option for treating skin tags than having the tag cut or frozen away, and they work by helping the skin tag dry up and eventually fall off. There are a few good essential oils that can help including:

  • Tea Tree Oil – Far and away the best choice when trying to remove a skin tag, tea tree oil comes from a plant native to Australia. Tea tree oil has strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, and when applied properly it will choke off the blood supply the skin tag receives. This in turn helps the skin tag dry up quickly and fall off. It may take some time, but will eventually produce the results you are looking for. Tea tree oil is one of the best oils to use and more so Australian tea tree oil.

  • Oregano Oil – This oil has very strong astringent properties that can help get rid of skin tags. It’s one that is also best used diluted, for it has very strong irritant risks. Dilute with coconut or olive oil before use to ensure you don’t suffer any discomfort during the process.

  • Frankincense Oil – This essential oil works just like tea tree oil and drying out the skin tag through reducing blood supply. It’s one that has been used for centuries in India for its curative properties, and while not quite as effective as tea tree oil it still provides good results.

  • Lavender Oil – Lavender essential oil is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and want a more soothing experience. Lavender essential oil may take longer than tea tree oil, but over time it can help eliminate the skin tag as well. For gentle skin tag removal, this is a great option.

  • Lemon Oil – Lemon essential oil is a popular oil that is known for its antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. When used in combination with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil, it can be an effective natural remedy to remove skin tags. To use lemon oil, dilute it with the carrier oil at a ratio of 2-3 drops of lemon oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.

    Apply the mixture directly on the skin tag using a cotton ball or swab and cover it with a bandage. Leave it on overnight or for a few hours before removing the bandage. Repeat this process for a few days or until the skin tag falls off naturally. It is important to do a patch test before using lemon oil to remove skin tags and to avoid using it near the eyes or sensitive areas.

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How to Apply Essential Oils to Skin Tags

To use the essential oils, simply add several drops to half a cotton ball, and apply liberally to the skin tag. Repeat twice daily until the tag falls away. For oregano oil or those with sensitive skin, it’s recommended to dilute the oils by adding 10 or 15 drops to a cotton ball and 1 to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut oil.

As you use a few drops of the oil, the skin tag will begin to change color, darkening as it gradually dries up and moves towards its demise. The key here is persistence while applying two times a day, it may take a week or longer to notice a difference and an effective treatment to prevent skin tags, but over time you’ll be able to get rid of your skin tag naturally.

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Why Remove Skin Tags with Essential Oil

Essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil and oregano oil are believed to contain powerful compounds that can help get rid of skin tags naturally.

Anecdotal and scientific evidence also suggests that applying these oils topically to skin tags may cause them to dry out and fall off over time. Many people prefer using natural remedies like essential oils instead of traditional medical procedures for skin tag removal for both safety and efficacy.

Safety Tips When Using Essential Oil to Remove Skin Tags

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  1. Always dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil before applying to the skin. A safe dilution ratio is 2-3 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier.

  2. Do a patch test first to check for any allergic reactions or skin sensitivity. Apply the diluted essential oil to a small area of skin and wait for 24 hours to see if there is any adverse reaction.

  3. Use only pure and high-quality essential oils from reputable sources. Look for essential oils that are labeled as “pure” or “therapeutic grade.”

  4. Avoid using essential oils on sensitive parts of the body, such as near the eyes, ears, or genitals.

  5. Never ingest essential oils orally unless under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapist or healthcare provider.

  6. Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

  7. Avoid applying essential oils directly to open wounds or broken skin.

  8. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before using essential oils.

  9. Store essential oils properly in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat.

  10. Some essential oils that are safe for use in reducing the appearance of skin tags include tea tree oil, oregano oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil. Before application, make sure to research which oils are safe for the specific type of skin tag you have.

  11. Always follow the recommended dosage and usage instructions for each essential oil. Do not use more than the recommended amount.

  12. When applying essential oils to the skin, use gentle massage and do not apply excessive pressure.

  13. If you experience any adverse reactions, such as redness, burning, itching, or swelling, discontinue use immediately.

  14. It is best to apply essential oils at night and cover the treated area with a bandage.

Be consistent in your application of the best essential oils here, as it may take several weeks or even months to see results.

Best Carrier Oils to Remove Skin Tags

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When it comes to removing skin tags with carriers, there are a few options that are effective and safe to use. Here are some of the best carriers for removing skin tags:

Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is light and easily absorbed into the skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps to nourish and moisturize the skin. It is an effective oil to use with other essential oils, like tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is similar in composition to the natural oils produced by our skin. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed, making it an excellent oil for essential oils for skin itself. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation and redness caused by skin tags. Using with tea tree oil is great for tags.

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Castor Oil: Castor oil is a thick and viscous oil that is often used in natural home remedies for skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help to reduce skin irritation and promote healing of the skin.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a popular oil that is known for its moisturizing properties. It is rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin, and its antimicrobial properties may help prevent infection around the skin tag area.

Argan Oil: Argan oil is a lightweight and non-greasy oil that is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin and can help to reduce inflammation and redness around the skin tag area.

When using the oils to remove skin tags, it is important to blend them properly with potent essential oils before application. Also, make sure to do a patch test on a small area of skin to check for any adverse reactions or sensitivity.

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5 Tips to Naturally Keep Skin Tags Away From the Skin

Keep Skin Dry: Moisture can promote the growth of skin tags, so it is essential to keep the skin dry, especially in areas where skin tags are prone to develop. Drying the skin after bathing or swimming can help prevent skin tags from forming.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle: A healthy diet and lifestyle can contribute to overall skin health, reducing the risk of skin tags. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly can all help maintain healthy skin.

Avoid Friction: Areas of the skin that experience frequent friction are more prone to developing skin tags. Wearing loose-fitting clothing, especially in areas such as the neck, underarms, and groin, can help prevent skin tags from developing.

Use Natural Remedies: Using natural remedies such as tea tree oil, lemon oil, or apple cider vinegar can help shrink skin tags over time. Applying these same home remedies more regularly and consistently can help prevent the formation of new skin tags.

Consult a Dermatologist: If you have frequent skin tags, it may be beneficial to consult a dermatologist. They can advise on the best treatment options for your skin type and provide guidance on how to prevent skin tags from forming in the future.

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Final Take

Skin tags can be a cosmetic concern for many people, but there are several natural remedies available to help remove and prevent them. Tea tree oil is one of the best options for removing skin tags due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also affordable, widely available, and easy to use. With proper usage, tea tree oil can be an effective and safe option for removing skin tags at home.

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  1. Been doing this with oregano oil and frankincense for years. I don’t dilute….I know I should and will from now on. Works like a dream. Glad to find out about tea tree and lavender also.

  2. I didn’t know this could work for skin tags too! I heard it could work for warts, but maybe I wasn’t consistent enough to get results. This will be easier to try.

  3. Excellent ideas. I agree, frankincense essential oil would be more gentle and I’d say more restorative against skin tags than oregano, which tends to be quite strong and spicy-smelling. Love oregano oil in my soup, makes it smell absolutely delicious!

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